Introduction to New Energy Ways

Practical energy manipulation has been discussed few times on A State of Mind, also New Energy Ways found its way to our website. But this time, I want to discuss NEW from very practical side – in a couple of minutes you’re going to learn how to manipulate energy using one of the best energy manipulation systems ever created.


The energy system

Theory regarding whole energy system within your body is very useful when comes to practical energy manipulation so let’s start with this. Energy system is also known as energy body – it’s the subtle form of your physical body directly connected to nervous system. That’s why aura (energy radiating outside main energy body) can give us information about illness, psychic energy radiates from places when it can gather information about possible health problems through nervous system.

That connection between energy body and nervous system is sometimes creepy. One time when I was introducing my girlfriend to NEW, her hands went numb, then the spinal cord responded and her legs went numb, too! She was pretty scared but since my spirit guide said “don’t panic”, I was calm – after few minutes, all sensations were gone (well, I won’t talk that we increased her energy body vibrations and she was ready to do an astral projection).

The energy centers

Psionic energy stores within energy centers. There are three types of energy centers within energy body.

  • Primary Energy Centers – also known as Chakras, there are seven of them. They’re responsible for managing and utilising psychicic energies.
  • Medium Energy Centres – they’re located within joints.
  • Energy Exchange Ports – they’re located on your skin and there’s literally thousands of these. Those are the primary energy centers that are in use when drawing and radiating psychicic energies.

Energy Storages

There are three energy storages (in Taoism known as Tan T’iens). They store the energy for further use. In NEW, energy should be channelled into one and only Tan Tien – the lower one, located below your stomach in abdomen area. These storages are connected, so when lower tan tien is filled, the energy will move higher up to second tan tien (near heart), and higher to third tan tien (within brain).

The energy channels

Also known as nadises (singular: nadis) or meridians, they’re like channels through which energy flows :). There’s a lot of them and those are the main thing you will physically feel when moving the energy throughout your body. It’s because in most cases they’re blocked and they need to be unblock. The longer you use the NEW and the more you manipulate energy, the easier and faster energy will flow. Because it will find no more obstacles, the feelings you had when starting practising NEW will be gone – and this is one of most important things you need to remember – the longer you practise NEW, the less things you will feel :).

Practical NEW

Enough of theory, let’s get to practical side! I’m going to give you few simple exercises that will show you why NEW is so simple and so useful for energy workers.

Exercise #1

Look at your thumb, find the biggest, first joint counting from your wrist. Within it lies the energy center which we’re going to stimulate now. Touch the join from the top with the index finger of your other hand and start making round moves, “drawing” a circle, 1.5 cm in diameter. Pay attention to feelings you get. After couple of seconds when you became familiar with the feeling take your finger away, but keep sensing the circles being drew, literally feel the touch. You mind need to touch your joint again, but in a couple of minutes you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Feeling the touch when not touching, or should I say touching only with your mind is called the tactile manipulation. We are manipulating the energy simple by feeling the sensations of touch. Because energy system is connected to nervous system, by stimulating nervous system, we can stimulate energy body.

Now keep the circles running for a couple of minutes and pay attention to all your feelings. You might feel cold, warm, numbness, maybe even a little pain, but don’t worry – everything is all right and nothing wrong will happen to you. Just remember for now not to expand the manipulation outside this specific joint. Please share your experiences in comments below this post.

Energy follows thoughts. – common energy workers belief

Exercise #2

Now we’re going to try something different. Once again use your index finger of your other hand and touch the very end of your thumb, then while touching, move the index finger down the thumb to the area when thumb connects to wrist, then follow movement back to the end of the thumb. Keep the movement for few seconds and again, take index finger away and keep feeling the touch with your mind. Manipulate energy this way for few minutes and report your feelings. This exercise is meant to move energy between joints because you feel “something” moving from one point to another – energy follows thoughts, more than that – energy follows feelings. It will be expanded later for drawing energy into tan tiens.

Learn more for free!

If you want to learn how to develop your energy body, you can do this for free by going to Astral Dynamics website and reading Robert Bruce’s work on NEW – click here. It’s the resource I’ve been learning from and I strongly recommend it to everyone who want to learn energy manipulation. The exercises above are meant just to introduce you to practical NEW, if you have found them interesting and useful, then don’t hesitate to expand your knowledge further.

After reading free resource linked above, you can expand your knowledge further by getting Energy Work: The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development, a whole book on New Energy Ways.

So, you tried the exercises, what were your experiences? Have you felt anything? Share your thoughts below in comments, please.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hey. I do have a question.(excuse me if it's not relevant exactly to energy manipulation XD) I have been doing research recently on psi programming and constructs and how they are like creatures created of pure energy that carry on certain commands given to them from their creators, right? Well, I have also learned that you can "bind" these constructs to objects with enough practice. So my question is: can you "bind" a construct to food or liquids so they can be applied once they are eaten or drunk or rubbed on the skin (like lotion or something)???

    by Kurt / February 17th 2010

  2. Theoretically yes, although I'm not sure what would happen to construct when food is "destroyed", perhaps you should program it also to stick with what's left after chewing :). Programming is a huge area for experimentation.

    by Mastergreed / February 17th 2010