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Psionics is all about the Energy… Psionic Energy to be more specific, whatever this energy is :). Therefore, in order to awake, and develop any kind of psychic ability, you need to do some energy manipulation, whether it will be conscious or not. Everything begins with energy manipulation and to be honest it’s a real pain in the ass…


Most energy manipulation techniques are based on visualisation and imagination. Let’s admit it openly – most of these techniques sucks, and they won’t get you anywhere but here (which is really good, because here you will learn how to move forward). I never liked energy work techniques until I discovered Tai Chi Chuan (yep, I’m talking about this martial art) and the weird name: Tan T’ien. My studies of the Tai Chi Chuan led me to discovering probably the most important document in my libraryThe New Energy Ways Manual. I had it printed few years ago and totally forgot about it until July/August this year (2009).

About the NEW

What is NEW? New Energy Ways is a system of tactile energy manipulation created by Robert Bruce. You already know the man from my review of Practical Psychic Self-Defense. Bruce wrote about his energy manipulation system in other book, Energy Work: The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development.

But do not be afraid, if you want to learn NEW, you do not have to buy Bruce’s book, as it is describing NEW techniques in more detailed way. The very basics and most important things you need to know about the NEW can be found on Astral Dynamics, and they’re there for free! So check them out by clicking here – it’s a whole manual for the system (the very same copy I have in my library).

Is it worth it

I will not get into details about using NEW, because everything is described in the tutorial above. I want to post my opinion about whole system. First of all, it’s damn simple. After first exercise my only words were “oh, I get it!” :). If you have ever thought you can’t find the point behind tactile visualisation, this system will prove you’re wrong. More than that, it will teach you how to use tactile visualisation! No excuse, all you need is an ability to read and some strong will to try some exercises.

Second, the system is very effective. If you stick with the schedule, and you’re a little patient, willing to spend two to three months practising basic exercises, you will notice a difference in your energy manipulation techniques, and even more, perhaps (like in my case) you will notice a great difference in your abilities of perceiving psychicic energies around you. After 4 months of practise, I sense more than ever before: psychicic energies, emotions, spirit entities, and I noticed great improvement in my psychic reading abilities.

This is NEW

Indeed, NEW is something new for everyone who ever tried classic visualisation techniques. It’s simple to learn, simple to use, effective and useful. All you need is a little patience. I tried many systems: Anka’s, Bronnikov’s, but NEW is the very first energy manipulation system that gave me so good results in such a short time. I will stick with it until someone creates something better :), and I also recommend you to choose this system if you’re thinking about energy and psychic development.

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