The wheel of destiny, why psychic reading is not always accurate

As I said in previous article, I can be wrong, all psychics and readers (no matter if tarot or rune readers or any other system) can be wrong. When a psychic tells a person he’s going to die within next week and the person lives for the next ten years, for pseudo-sceptics it’s a perfect argument all psychics are fraud. So why psychic reading is not always accurate?


The example

Time is circular, not linear – at least this is my belief. Everything that is, had happened before and will happen again. We’re riding a circle of time, but the circle can change its direction. The path we follow in our life is not set in stone. Situations are changing second by second, we’re facing all kinds of choice each day. Let’s say someone’s giving you a psychic reading. You must be aware that the reading is based on your current life path, on all actions you’re involved in right now. Let me use very simple example. You’re walking in the middle of the road, and there’s a car closing, it will hit you for sure. As a psychic, I can tell you “you’re going to die in a car accident” and this will be true. But you can move aside and the car will pass you, making you no harm. Or you can keep walking in the middle of the road, but the driver will decide to slow down and pass you without hitting you. There’s a situation, and there are at least two different people that have the power to shape their own path – you and the driver. And because of this, my reading shall never come true.

The circle

But in the past, in one of the earlier circles, the car had hit you – and this is what I saw during my reading, the information came to me from the previous circle, from the previous timecircle. But now because someone made a different choice than before, the circle is rolling a little different than before, you put your life on another path. But still, this path had happened before, so I will be able to see things coming next. And when there will be a completely new path you create? Then I won’t be able to see anything, because the future has not yet been set. This is where the Deja Vu comes from, from the earlier circles, it is my belief that Deja Vu is a method of the universe to tell us “this is a moment of choice, choose your path” – but what should we choose if you don’t know our choice from the past circles? This is where our spirit guide is getting into action – by simple advices, he might tell us what should we do – but whether we’re going to do this or not, it’s our own choice only. We are the only beings on this planet that can make the choice because this is our life.

The questions

Whoh, you might say “OK, but this means whenever your reading is wrong, you can tell me about this weird circular timeline, and everything will be fine!” – yep, that’s right :). What a perfect line of defence, don’t you think? But don’t misunderstand this, for me the circular time is a huge problem – will the things I see happen? Did they happen and will they happen again? What can I do to prevent them, should I tell someone he’s going to die because I saw it, even if I know that one small step in other direction will save his life and the reading will become inaccurate? To tell or not to tell? That’s why I hate telling people about things that I believe are meant to happen in the near future – there’s no way for me to tell if they will happen for sure. I prefer to stick with sensing energies and spirits :).

But this is also a good news for you – if a psychic will ever tell you you’re going to die, it doesn’t mean it will happen, so keep smiling, life is too short to worry :). Let us, people who do the weird stuff, worry about the things we see or sense (or just know, muhaha).

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  1. Hi! I know this is off topic, but I’ve been looking for information everywhere and I can’t find any, so I came here.
    One night three of my friends and I were attacked by a negative being of some sort. We managed to fend it off until morning, but it kept us locked up and wore us down. It even possessed one girl’s hand, which was really scary.
    I’m looking for information on self defense against demons/negs/whatever else, how to tell the difference between different kinds of entities, and methods of banishment and binding. I know it’s best to find a professional, but that’s not always an option. Advice or links would be greatly appreciated!

    by sortofpsychic / November 24th 2009

  2. It would be impossible to give you any advices via this blog regarding such matter, as I would have to literally write a book, the subject is so complex. Instead, I can suggest you to put your hands on Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce, probably the most useful and practical guide to defending yourself against negative forces – I’m always recommending this book, information it provide will surely help you understand the mechanics of psychic attacks (all neg and demonic attacks are psychic is some way), but more than that, the book’ main purpose is to provide you with practical ways of defense against supernatural beings.

    Unfortunately, there’s no useful information in the web so don’t bother looking. You might find some additional help on Bruce’s forum – AstralDynamics, but people there will point you to the book too. But trust me, these $13 USD are worth spending!

    by Nathan / November 24th 2009