How does psychic reading looks like

Many people do not realize that there are different types of psychic reading you can get. For example, all these psychics you can see in TV shows do have a gift of clairaudience, they do hear spirits (and their spirit guide), and sometimes, they also see spirits (clairvoyance). But in most cases, all you have is “the feeling”.


After quite some time, I finally decided to post an entry about the way I’m perceiving information during psychic reading – behold, this is going to be great! :)

The way of knowing things

Read the following word: horse. What did you saw in front of your eyes? An image of a horse – exactly :). Sometimes all I can get is thought, because of this I can often say “I know things” :P. I do not know how, I do not know why, I just know that something is about to happen, or that someone’ characteristic is ‘this and this‘.

The way of feeling things

And sometimes I just feel psychic energies – they’re coming in waves, flowing through my body, and I can pick them up. Sometime, they’re pleasant, filled with joy and love, friendship and other positive emotions, but sometime I would rather not sense these energies, as they’re sad, aggressive, full of pain and hate. But they’re ‘there‘ and it’s the reason good enough for me to pick them up.

The way of seeing things

Sometime, I can see things – not as real things, but inside of my head – things like plains, threes, colours etc., and I have to interpret the things I “see” and find out what do they mean. Very often things I see come from my life, from all my experiences – they’re pictures of things, people, interaction between people, things I’ve seen in TV, things I’ve read etc. It’s because of the brain interpreting information as best as it can.

The way of hearing things

And finally, sometime I can hear my spirit guide talking to me – well, no, I can’t really hear him as I can hear normal people, it’s more like telepathic contact, I’m hearing his words as my own thoughts, fortunately, with time I’ve managed to learn how to distinct his thoughts and my own – trust me, at first it wasn’t easy – but it got easier with time, and it’s still getting easier each day. Or maybe it’s just my “higher mind” – who knows?

The case study

It wouldn’t be very useful entry if I wouldn’t share at least single case study with you. I was giving a psychic reading to a friend, it wasn’t “targeted”, more like general reading of “what-you-can-find-out” kind. First thing I saw was colour: violet, in front of my (opened) eyes – at first I thought it was purple even if I saw violet with no problem, so with this thought ‘violet’ in my mind I asked my friend why do I see the colour violet. Her answer was simple, she just love violet (damn, how can this be I didn’t noticed that?!), and she do have a lot of clothes in this colour as well.

Then I saw a frog, a small frog in the middle of some lake, with gold crown on the top of frog’s head – an interesting picture, yet I was unable to interpret it at first – it took me a while to get answer from my spirit guide – it was about the beauty inside of my friend – frog, like a charmed frog from tales was representing the beauty hidden inside (I also saw ugly duckling few seconds later, which enforced my way of thinking), waiting for the “prince”, a right person to uncover this hidden beauty of her.

And then I saw plains, filled with waving grass, and a single tree – she told me she love experiencing the nature, and sometimes even hugging trees, feeling as they energy pulse throughout them. It was a beautiful picture, but then I saw a wind getting stronger, and the blue sky became more red, more dramatic – and I felt on my body the sensation I had when I was watching introduction movie to Warcraft III. I already knew the interpretation, it was the wind of changes, the wind that was supposed to bring changes in my friend’s life, perhaps dramatic changes, but necessary. Then I saw few scenes from Homeworld saga, and I knew – the changes are necessary, because even if they will be painful sometime, at the end of these changes is the serenity she’s looking for, the peace of mind and soul that was meant for her from the very beginning – it’s her destiny.

But earlier, before I knew the destiny thing, I had troubles with interpreting, so my friend asked me what does the wind means – and I saw the photo of her family in front of my eyes (which she showed me earlier), and then I saw it falling on the ground, and the glass breaking inside out starting on the face of her dad – then she told me her dad passed away two years earlier.

And that completed the reading. As you can see, I strongly depend on my own interpretation of things I’m picking up – that’s why I can be wrong – but that’s subject for another article, so stay tuned.

And if there are any psychics reading A State of Mind, question for you – how do you pick up information during reading, please post an example of some reading :).

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