Psychic energies around us #2

My energy development continues and the range of my experiences is growing very fast. I returned from big city to my small town for few days and it gave me the opportunity to sense some new new things I never paid attention to.


Turns out that psychicic energies within city are… damped, neutral, or maybe I should say “artificial” – they just seem unnatural, they have no real “feeling”, no original sensation, it’s almost like you’re not able to pick them up… On the opposite side, natural energies of mother nature are wonderful! It’s fall time now in Europe and I have to admit, very beautiful fall this year we have :). I always enjoyed these early fall energies being generated I don’t know how or why, what I know is that they’re here each year. I used to call them “halloween” energies, as they remind me of this halloween time, yet now I have to change my point of view a little – they’re not halloween energies, but fall energies…

It’s like each season of the year have its own psychicic “signature”, unique for each season, yet the same each year. Based on my personal research notes, I can rise questions: does the seasonal signature have something to do with sunlight levels or humidity? Hah, another great questions for future book! :)

Anyway, new experiences are also related to living people… The energies flowing around you that you can pick up when talking to a person which doesn’t like you, person that is bossy towards others, or a girl looking deeply into your eyes, whoh! All these sensations, all these different energy frequencies, they’re just… fascinating! And places, some places, some rooms are have so great energies you want to stay there as long as possible… while other places are very “aggressive”, forcing you to live as soon as possible. I never thought I will ever experience such things, why the heck I haven’t discover the New Energy Ways earlier?

Constant energy work means each and every day is an adventure, you never know what you might expect, or what you will experience – something terrible, sad or perhaps something wonderful and beautiful? Heh, who cares about spoon bending if you can just sense the world around you? :)

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