Psychic energies around us

Psionic energies are in constant move, they’re active, not passive, you might say, you never know what may hit you. With my energy system in constant development thanks to NEW, because of this, each day I’m experiencing new areas of our world filled with psychicic energies.


A psychic, or should I say, an energy worker can sense many things. For example, I’m often sensing people’s signature, which helps me in defying their personality very quickly. Yet from time to time I’m encountering new types of signatures, types I never ever experienced. Such situations are leading me to mistakes when it comes to interpreting these psychic feelings, but as we all know, in the field of psychicic science there are no experts. I am aware that I will make mistakes and I will be wrong very often, the point is to analyse things and to discover on your own that you were wrong, and what the correct interpretation should be. This is called experience, and it’s an important step to wisdom, but more than that, it’s an important step in learning how it is to be a psychic.

Energy workers can sense residual energy fields, very often such fields are very negative, because the negative energy last for longer than positive energy. So you’re walking through the town and in a single moment you have a weird sense of danger, something unpleasant is “in the air”, and you just know that something bad had happened in this place. It’s very unpleasant feeling, yet I have to admit, it’s fascinating to “know” such things :).

Different kinds of energies emitted by people can also be sensed. Sadness is… sad, yet it’s part of our life, and we have to deal with it. But there are also happy moments, like being in a room with a person excited because of meeting with a girl :). Living beings also emit different energies, positive and negative, like flowers at florist emit a lot of powerful life energy, it’s truly fascinating.

Storms, sunrise, sunset, crowds, springs, all of these and more are wonderful sources of wonderful energies. On the opposite side, places of great tragedy, sad people, haunted locations, these are the places of unpleasant sensations. Being an energy worker capable of sensing the psychicic energies surrounding us means you will experience both the light and the dark side of life, as all people do, only in a slightly different way. You might enjoy more staying among certain people, or you might refuse staying in specific location for longer than 5 seconds – such things shapes our own personality…

The world in “psychic” eyes is fascinating, sometimes very bright, and sometimes very dark. But know this – with such abilities, even if you’re just a beginner, you do have a nice way to help others, to understand them, to be helpful for them, because we perceive our world in very specific way. Therefore, let’s use our point of view to make the world a little brighter for others, as we’ve seen that the bright side of life is good…

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