Practical Psychic Self-Defense – a review

Are your thoughts really yours? What if they’re not? What if you found yourself under unseen influence of beings out of this world? Well, maybe it’s time for some self-defense? Robert Bruce’s (Astral Dynamics, New Energy Ways) Practical Psychic Self-Defense is a guidebook for anyone having problems with negative supernatural beings, and I have to say, it’s a book worth of reading!


Robert Bruce is an experienced energy worker, creator of New Energy Ways energy development system, skilled in astral projection and dealing with negs – the negative astral beings. Practical Psychic Self-Defense is a book written based on his numerous years of studies and personal experiences. Within over 300 pages, tons of knowledge has been included.

Knowledge within

The book itself is divided into three sections. First, you’re going to learn about negs, what are they, what are their types, and what are their relationship between them and humans. Then, you’re going to learn about the way of neg influences and psychic attacks, and how to recognise them. Finally, you’re going to learn methods of passive and active countermeasures against negs, from learning about simple herbs, to simplify neg banishment ritual and dealing with possession and exorcisms. All of this knowledge is interlaced with Bruce’s personal experiences and cases he dealt with over the years.

What I really like about this book is that things are described in very simple way. There’s no occult theory, no difficult words, no weird stuff, things are just described as they are and as they work. Some pieces of the book can be considered as “trivia”, for example you will finally understand why garlic works against negative spirits ;).

What’s really great it’s that Bruce doesn’t force you to believe in any negs or any unseen energies, he just present his experiences and methods of dealing with things, it’s up to you to choose if you want to believe. Also, Bruce doesn’t sugar-coat things, he says openly some thing can be damn dangerous and even lead to death. He describe simple facts and he’s presenting methods of dealing with the unseen, no sugar, no colouring things, and no boring theories. Everything is presented in very simple, yet very knowledgeable way.

A must-read

For every person dealing with occult, paranormal or psychic phenomena, Practical Psychic Self-Defense is a must-read. You won’t become a professional exorcist thanks to it, but it will give you some basic understanding as for how banishing demons and dealing with negative beings really works. For everyone else, it is good to have this book on your bookshelf, you never know when you might need it. But as Bruce himself wrote in the book, “I hope you will never need the knowledge from this book, ever.”

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