From energy work to psychic abilities

No matter what you read, where you read, or what you hear, you will end up with simple statement that psychic abilities are directly related to the development of chakras. If you want to develop psychic abilities, you have to develop your chakras first.


People who start their adventure with psychics from classic PsiPog-like websites won’t even learn about the existence of chakras, nor they will learn why these energy centers are related to psychic abilities – I’m not sure either ;). Well, this is theory: these energy centers are like small CPUs, they are the one responsible for translating etheric sensations to information and feelings, they’re the “devices” connecting us to the astral plane the the unseen.

In order to understand the mechanic behind energy work, chakras and psychic abilities, please take a look at the image below:

From energy work to psychic abilities

From energy work to psychic abilities

From energy work to psychic abilities

So first we have the energy work, for example practising New Energy Ways. Energy work stimulate the development of medium and smaller energy centers, and it’s cleansing meridians (nadises), so more psychic energies can flow through out energy system.

This leads to drawing energy – the energy we draw into our body is then stored within energy storage centers (Tan Tiems), the lower, the middle, and the upper center. With the proper amounts of energy stored within the energy body, more energy can be routed to the chakras, forcing their development and growth by stimulating them constantly.

Growing chakras automatically cause psychic abilities development – the awakening of these. And here is the point where knowledge from A State of Mind, UPC and should be used – here is where psychic abilities techniques should be put into action. Our abilities have awaken, we must now learn the techniques that will allow us to use psychic skills easily. And this leads us finally to having psychic abilities on our own :).

Energy Work is the key

As you can see, energy work is the key to developing psychic abilities, so before jumping into conclusions that you don’t have any special gifts or thinking you can’t learn anything, stop experimenting with techniques, and focus only on few months of energy manipulation (I recommend NEW system).

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I’m in total agreement. Right now my primary focus is on energy work. It really is about the energy.

    by Jason / August 28th 2009

  2. And what if I were to say that I didn’t believe in chakras after 4 years of energy work? I’ve honestly never seen any evidence of them.

    by Stolide Demens / August 29th 2009

  3. @Stolide
    It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, if chakras do exists, you don’t have to believe in order to develop them by energy manipulation, if they don’t exists, then simple other elements of the energy system are responsible for psychic development.

    But, how can you say you don’t believe in the existence of chakras if you’re dealing with energy work? Don’t tell me you’re a member of this PsiPog-era people who manipulate psionic energies, yet they don’t believe in any energy system inside our body ;).

    by Tassadar / August 29th 2009

  4. Oh I do believe in systems within the energetic body. I’ve written an entire article on it as a matter of fact… What I do not agree with is the notion of a thoughtform within one’s body that is degrees of open that contain infinite power, or something along those lines.

    Here’s the paragraph on chakras in my article: “There is a structure most often referred to as a “chakra.” There are vastly different definitons for this one. Some of them speak of chakras being opened and closed and being associated with specific personality traits. Others speak of chakras being points of limitless power, and that all you must do is open them to access their potential. All those definitions are unimportant in practice, (remember that energetic structures can be very different) but are good to be aware of. I personally have never seen evidence of chakras in the sense of either of those definitions. What I have seen are denser points of energy, that seem to be thoughtforms within the energetic body that generate subtle energy. These locations do generally correspond to the locations that the major chakras are normally thought of as existing in. Your best bet is to take a look at them yourself on a person by person basis to determine their relevance to the situation at hand.”

    Does that give you a better idea of how I feel about the subject? The energetic body is not universal. Not even close. The notion of energetic bodies being similar is rediculous to me.

    by Stolide Demens / August 30th 2009

  5. You can not close or open chakras, only stimulate them, because they’re energy centers (this means, those are damn dense part of the energetic body), they’re not the lotus flower, they can not bloom :). This is just the ancient Hindu beliefs that were included in modern New Age beliefs because people have problems accepting more modern theories like these of Robert Bruce. I guess the biggest problem we’re dealing with today is the simple fact people became too dependant on new age theories, terminology and imaginery (some people literally think that chakras looks like flowers, and they open/close).

    I’m thinking of chakras as a… datacenters :). Energetic body is like world wide web. You have multiple smaller chakras (energy exchange ports) – those are internauts, you got medium chakras (local internet providers), and then you have big chakras (like Google datacenters), and finally you have energy channels (meridians – in web metaphor those are cables) connecting all of this. The bigger the traffic in the “web” is, the more stimulated Google servers become, and this forces the tech crew to add new drives and CPU’s, making the datacenters bigger and stronger, capable of serving even more traffic. Based on this, 7 main chakras are the datacenters responsible for serving the entire energy moving through our energetic body – but beside acting as a datacenter for psionic energies, I agree that there aren’t any direct proofs for relevance between personality traits, emotions and chakras. All we can do is to rely upon things said by psychics capable of seeing aura, but words aren’t enough.

    My theory for this is that energetic body is connected to nervous system. If the person gets emotional regarding something, electric impulses might be send so specific area of the body (I have no idea why), and the closest chakra is reacting with (perhaps) stronger energy transfer, making it glow for those who can see the aura. Same thing apply to seeing illness in aura, electric impulses are being send in specific areas of body, and smaller chakras, meridians and energy exchange ports closest to this are are showing this as “glow” :).

    Back to closing/opening – so called “opening” process is nothing more or less than energy stimulation of chakras, but closing is impossible – if thinking about chakras is stimulating them, then thinking about closing them will stimulate them further ;).

    by Tassadar / August 30th 2009

  6. On this note, it would be better to use a different term then. When I speak of chakras, I speak of the traditional meaning. You and I have similar ideas as to some of the structures within the energetic body. You see what I mean? I hate it when terminology gets in the way…

    by Stolide Demens / August 31st 2009

  7. Chakra is the official name ;). There’s no problem with the name itself, only with understanding, and I can not be responsible for people who are too lazy to learn what chakra really is so they stick with new age crappy explanations lol

    by Tassadar / August 31st 2009