Not every psychic is hearing voices

Almost everyone who ever seen any kind of psychic in TV or radio is familiar with the ability of clairaudience – literally talking to spirits and hearing them. People think it’s pretty normal and they’re disappointed when they can’t hear anything after months or even years of developing their own skills. Well, I decided to write this post because it’s time for someone to say this: not every psychic is hearing voices!


Defining clairaudience

But first, how does it “feel” to use this mysterious ability of clairaudience? Well, from what I can tell, here’s the simple example. Begin talking to yourself, but without moving your mouths, just inside your heard. Now scream inside your head, and then try to play with your voice – can you feel that you can literally hear yourself? Et voila :).

Most psychics we can see in TV or hear in radio do have some level of clairaudience skills, the reason behind this is the simple fact that those psychics need fast answers to audience questions, and it’s simpler to give a reading to someone when you’re just repeating words “whispered” into your ears. Without the ability of clairaudience, psychic have to rely on feelings, “knowing things” and images thrown to him/her via clairvoyance skill.

About clairvoyance

How does clairvoyance look like? I don’t know if the “damn-advanced psychics” do see things in very realistic way, all I can tell you is the way basic clairvoyance look like. With your eyes closed or opened, think about your kitchen – can you see it in front of your eyes? Or should I say, with your mind’s eye? Now imagine the fridge, and imagine opening it – can you see the fridge, can you see it opening? This kind of “images in images” (“seeing”, or “knowing” things with real world acting as a background) is what basic clairvoyance looks like.

Of course, using this skill is very easy, you see the images, so all you have to do is to speak the words, right? Well, nope :). Take our fridge for example – it’s opening, what does the ‘opening’ means? Maybe the person is opening itself to us, or maybe he/she is opened to the world? Does it mean he/she is trustful? Does he/she trust everyone, or only us, the reader? Why is it the fridge, and not the microwave? Does this mean the person is cold, maybe he/she feels unpleasant? If he/she feels unpleasant, why is he/she so trustful? It’s not the “trustful” then, right? (…)

It’s all about interpretation

Do you have a headache already? Well, that’s pretty the way it works, the interpretation of the things that psychic see, hear, smell, feel and just “know” is the hardest part of being a psychic ;). Some symbols might have simple meaning, some might have weird meaning, some might have difficult meaning, and you have to worry about interpreting them. That’s why often a psychic without clairaudience skills is making mistake, it’s not that he can’t read you, it’s because he might have problems with interpreting things he see. When I’m doing a psychometry of a book, and I feel female energy, I do not know if the previous owner of the book was female, or was it a male projecting warm feelings usually related to girls ;).

So, one psychic can get into a room and ask his guiding spirit “what can you tell me about this room“, and the spirit will tell “OK, so here’s an old lady wearing green, her name is Elizabeth“. Another psychic can get into the room and he can ask himself “what can I sense“, and he might smell perfumes, he might see a lot of fresh grass, and he might get an impression of a queen or a royal person, and finally he can get a feeling that the name beginning on ‘e‘. He have to make his own interpretation, so he can tell for example “I sense a presence of a woman, a young one, because I see a grass, a spring grass, the woman might be young, or very calm person, green is a very calm colour. Her name might be Eleanor, but I get a strong feeling of royality, maybe here name is Elizabeth, it sounds more royal.

I sense dead people…

Now you see how things look like, right? Some people hear spirits, others see them, and some sense them. Please, next time think twice before triumphing over psychic’s interpretation errors ;).

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  1. Well, I have a few things to say about the Spirit World, I have seen a lot of Spirits, Demonds, Ghosts and other un likeable beings, but, now I moved into a new home, and here there are some Spirits that I have not had incounters with before, I never thought that I would really believe in what I have seen as far as other beings here in our world, my children used to tell me all the time about things they saw, but I never believed thgem, until one night when a young girl came to me for help, WOW, it was all new to me, I opened up to something my children had seen for many years, .

    by Lisa / March 4th 2010

  2. There are so many different kinds of beings, some are funny,

    some are mean, some are just watchers, some roam, some hurt me

    very bad, I don't like them too much, I have been burned,

    stabbed, pushed through a window and my tooth knocked out,

    and many more bad things, I do have a favorit, I call him,

    "trickster" he plays games on anyone he wishes too, he moves

    things that a person was using, things like that, but he always put

    it back. I can go on for ever, but I will keep some more adventures

    for later, I do have to say, this house has some very different

    Spirits that I'm not too sure of, I would really love to have

    someone come to this house for just a day or two, I wonder, is

    what goes on around here something new, or does this happen to

    a lot of people? Anyway, keep an open mind and heart.

    by Lisa / March 4th 2010