What a civilian must know about psychic abilities

Imagine your kid beginning to show some level of psychic abilities. Or find out that a person you met some time ago turns out to be a psychic and you didn’t even noticed it. Or maybe your aunt is giving out psychic readings to people? As a “civilian”, what you must know about psychic abilities, how to react if they will become a part of your life?


They’re not dangerous

First of all, psychic abilities won’t kill you :). Hmm, well – Nina Kulagina was supposed to kill frogs with psychokinesis, but it might be just an urban legend from the time of Cold War. Everything psychic-related might look spooky and weird, but at the end, all these skills are safe. And we don’t even have to mention poltergeist effect, as person with growing psychic abilities shouldn’t have problems with this phenomena – it appears that poltergeist appears only when emotional problems occur, and the psychic abilities are being suppressed. When no suppressing anything, there’s no reason for poltergeist to “blow up”. At least in theory :).

But if they are…

But when you will encounter poltergeist effect caused by human agent (i.e. some kid with emotional problems), know that it will pass, poltergeist activity range from few days to few months, and should stay active for no longer than six months. As long as things just moves around, you’re good. Just watch out for fires, as poltergeist is known from lighting things up :). Best cure is to talk to a counselor and dig the problems that are being hidden inside of “agent’s” mind.

Psychic abilities might be helpful

When in need of advice, you can always talk to a psychic :). You can get a reading, or you can ask him/her to cleanse negative energies in your room/office/house. Or you can save your own life by listening to advice “don’t go there, I have a bad feelings” ;). You can say “finally someone who understand what I feel” when talking to an empath, and you can just enjoy talking to a psychic. Not mentioning the fact that having a little weird friend is kind of cool, and if you’ll ever run into paranormal activities, you have someone to help you.

It’s not X-Man

Psychics aren’t X-Mans, they’re just people who sense more than ordinary population. Then can be wrong, angry, sometimes pissed of, tired, mistaken or just lazy. Don’t think about psychic like some kind of a superhuman. We’re all humans, right? Don’t expect perfectly correct reading or greatly accurate vision of your future, and most of all, don’t expect psychic to help you out whenever you ask for help, human body must rest from time to time :).

Try to understand

Finally, try to understand how it is to be a psychic, sensing other people emotions and feelings, knowing things, having weird dreams that comes true, going out of body from time to time, seeing spirits etc. If you want to be a good friend of a psychic, just go and talk to him, and listen what he/she have to say about the gift and about being a psychic. Know, that you can also help “your” psychic just by being a trustworthy person your friend can talk to.

If you are such “civilian” do you have a psychic friend or family member? What is your attitude towards him/her? Or maybe you are a psychic, do you have a trustworthy friend you always talk to? Share your thoughts in comments.

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