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One of the most interesting books in my library is Suddenly Psychic by Maureen Caudill. There are many books out there written by psychics always talking about spiritual love and “they don’t understand!“, and scientists shouting “it’s impossible and it’s faked“, but it’s hard to find a book written by a scientists who became a psychic herself. Suddenly Psychic is such book.


Maureen Caudill graduated summa cum laude in physics University of Connecticut, received a master’s degree from Cornell University, and she’s a senior scientist for a major United States Department of Defense contractor. She specialize in Artificial Intelligence and neural networks. She’s not just a scientist, but also a writer, writing about neural networks and robotics for MIT Press and Oxford University Press. And that’s just a small excerpt from her biography – as you can see, she’s a bit of a scientist :).

This is why her book “Suddenly Psychic” is so important, as pure scientist she became a psychic thanks to Hemi-Sync technology and courses at The Monroe Institute. That’s what her book is about: about experiencing altered states of consciousness, achieving success in out-of-body experiences and remote viewing, and setting first steps in spiritual journey.

Caudill described her sceptical, yet open-minded approach to psychic phenomena, and all the things she experienced since she first encountered the Hemi-Sync technology. But more than that, in Suddenly Psychic she is also looking for scientific explanations behind psychic phenomena and paranormal. Her books shows us that no matter if you’re a spiritual new age geek or sceptical scientist, you should keep an open mind – only then you can find out the truth, or at least learn that there’s no “just science” or “just spirituality” out there, but these two things exists together, you can’t ignore any of them.

Suddenly Psychic isn’t the “how-to guide”, you won’t learn anything practical from it. This book is about personal spiritual journey, personal experiences and discovering the spiritual world, yet exploring the science behind things we can’t explain, by summarising latest scientific discoveries and comparing them to ancient esoteric knowledge. All of this seasoned with a bit of humour.

If you’re looking for equilibrium between new age psychics and pure science, Suddenly Psychic is a book you must read. It will teach you how important is faith, how important is asking questions, how important is spirituality and how important is science, how important all these things are when they are together. If you’re interested in psychic phenomena, Suddenly Psychic is just a “must have” position in your library.

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