How to have fun while learning psychic powers

We all know this, one of the most important things when studying psychic development is having fun. But let’s admit it, sitting for hours, meditating, working with energy, those aren’t funny things, and since you can’t bend spoons right away or read minds whenever you want, you have to find some substitute for having fun.


You need a way to have some fun while still learning new things and pushing the common knowledge forward. This is where materialistic instincts comes to play, because material world will be the place for you to have “a little supernatural” fun. Primary rule says “the more paper the better” :).

Let the creativity flow

First you have to find a method to focus on your goals and passion – and there’s no better way to do so than creating your very own passion board. Such passion board will allow you to stay focused, but more than that, collecting cuttings, photos and sketches on it will be fun :). One day you will end up with dozen of passion boards for your office.

The Book of Knowledge

Another thing you should do is to create your own book of knowledge – not necessary a grimoire with spells, you might as well focus on writing down information from other books or results from your research experiments, pasting cuttings and excerpts from newspapers and magazines, and collecting other different things: references, terminology explanation, and finally spells :P. It’s about having fun while collecting knowledge.

Create an archive

Create an archive and collect knowledge: paranormal & occult books, documents of different sort, reports of others of their own paranormal experiences, information about haunted places and paranormal events in your area (town, city, state, even country if you can), run a historical chronicle of supernatural events (someday someone might want to use it for research, who knows). Finally, collect supernatural objects, like pendulums, crystals, amulets and talismans, ouija boards, even haunted objects and objects causing paranormal activity – store them within your private warehouse, or if you’re too afraid, send them to me, I’ll be happy to store them and neutralize if I can (this haunted objects part regards the fact such objects might be dangerous, and it’s better to hid them from public).

Don’t just learn, create!

Create and develop theories, and don’t be afraid of publishing them, either on your website, or on forums, or even here on A State of Mind, I’ll be happy to help you with publishing many things :). Write an ebook and publish it, write a research paper and publish it. Also, you might try experimenting with psychotronic devices and publishing “how-to-build” instructions :).

Those are just few ideas of having fun while studying psychics – just remember, be creative! If you have other ideas, post them in comments, and if you have many ideas, don’t hesitate to write a guest post :).

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