Studying Psionics – The Classic Development Path

In two earlier posts I’ve described the scientific approach and the psychicic science path to psychics. Both ways of studying psychics require time, effort and money, and both can be considered as the “geeky”. For those people who do not like researching things too deep or deal with occult, there is the classic development path.


The Classic Development Path

For those who don’t really want to dig too deeply into science or occult, the classic development way. A person following this path is just practising, if the person doesn’t really care about science or theory, all that is needed for this approach is New Energy Ways Manual, internet access and some notebook to write personal experiences. In this case, there is no advanced experimenting, no data, digits, or charts is needed, the pure training and classic development is everything the person needs.

This is probably the simplest approach to studying psychic abilities, as you don’t have to worry about anything and you can focus on improving your abilities (so the scientist could use you later for his own research purposes, and the psychic science explorer could learn a lot from your own experiences when he will finally get his hands on your precious psychic journal, keeping a spooky grin on his face, lol). With time and growing abilities, the simplest way is becoming a little more difficult, as your connection with energies floathing around is getting stronger and you will have to become familiar with visions, precognition dreams, psychometry, even spirit communication, yet still you won’t have to worry about theory and physics behind psychic abilities.

Therefore, if you just want to learn stuff, choose the classic psychic development path, get the NEW manual, read resources in the internet, grab some notebook et voila! This is the path for normal people who don’t want to become scientists or paranormal geeks :).

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