Learning Psychic Abilities – The Psionic Science Path

Last time I described the scientific approach to psychics – one of three ways person can study psychics, full of research, experiments and collecting data. Today we continue the subject by describing the more esoteric way: The Psionic Science path.


The Psionic Science Path

People who prefer the occult knowledge over scientific knowledge will feel better when studying psychic science, a semi-science being a mixture of pure science, theoretical research and occult knowledge. A person on the psychic science path is reading both scientific and occult books, collecting knowledge and trying to understand the forces behind psychic phenomena. This person is also experimenting, but in this case no one really cares about numbers and charts, as psychic science explorer is often experimenting with energy manipulation, spirits, rituals and crystals, writing down his own experiences and theories in personal notes (sometimes collected within psychicic journal).

Even if he’s running a personal archive of cases about people and events and he collects a lot of documents, he doesn’t really care about the theory as long as the “machinery” does what it’s supposed to do. He might also collect weird objects like XVIII-century old Books of Shadow, ritual daggers and haunted objects.

This is the “geek” approach, pretty expensive, although you don’t really need professional scientific ecquipment, still books need to be bought and “objects” need to be collected, not mentioning about crystals, notebooks, talismans, amulets (for experimentation of course), finally some things need to be copied and other things need to be printed – for personal archive.

And? Are you the psychic geek? If you’re not scientist or geek, perhaps you will find next entry more familiar :).

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