Psychic with crystals

Are you familiar with psychics coming into house to cleanse it of negative energies or even demons, and doing this by waving the pendulum and crystals around? Yep, I’m sure you are familiar with this, if not from your own experience, then from movies and TV shows. Did I ever told you it makes me laugh?


How can the pendulum or crystal possible cleanse the room of negative psychic energies or demon? Honestly, I have no idea. Pendulum is used for divination purposes and to communicate with ones subconscious mind (or higher mind, as some people call it). But it can’t do much against demon. Someone might say: “OK, but it’s not used to cleanse the house of demons, but to locate them”. Well, first of all – if we have a close encounter with a demon, it will find you :). Second of all, the demon is in the house, so there’s no point looking for it, don’t you think? Finally, if you’re walking around, the laws of physics are saying “the pendulum will move” and it will move according to the laws of physics, not some supernatural influence, sorry. Ergo, using pendulum when walking around to deal with negative energies, demons or astral critters is a total waste of time.

Second thing: crystals & gemstones. I do not understand what’s the purpose of using them “in the field” against “creatures of the night”. There’s really no point, crystals aren’t weapons, and they can’t do much. You can meditate with crystals, you can experiment with them, learn to work with them, and use them for your own development, yet in the field they’re not very useful to wave in air :). Quartz can increase your focus, and amethyst might act as protection of negative energies, so these two crystals I understand – but wearing them, not waving them in hand and singing mantra “Ohmmmmm” :P. I often keep an amethyst somewhere near me, but besides that, I don’t use crystals “in the field”, because there’s no point of doing so, at least I haven’t found the point yet.

I used to say: it doesn’t matter what you have in your shaman’s bag, what does matter is if you know how to use things you have in it. So, don’t trust the psychic using pendulum to exorcise a demon – it makes me laugh, try to imagine the reaction of the demon itself :P.

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