Easyway VS Fastway – the subjects of psionic science

When it comes to psychic development, we can talk about two paths (methods) – the easy one and the fast one. The easy one can be described as “small steps techniques”. You’re just practising, and slowly learning new skills, but you can’t see many effects because your development is so slow. I call this the “taoistic path” – you’re not expecting anything, and you’re happy from every single success. And there is the fastway – or should I say – the hardway.


The hardway is about pushing forward. Reading a lot, experimenting with different techniques and technologies (like Hemi-Sync), expecting fast results, practising with great intensity, doing everything to develop the abilities as fast as possible.

Which way to choose

Good question, and I don’t have the answer to it. On one hand, choosing the fast psychic development might be a path to pushing the scientific part of psychic abilities forward, as experimenting with different techniques and technologies is generating a lot of data that can be used when it comes to scientific background behind psychic phenomena, and finding out what works, and what doesn’t work.

On the other hand – psychic abilities are connected with spirituality, therefore it is reasonable to say that slow development is a spiritual growth, you understand your boundries, and you understand that psychic development requires time. Still, here too you can collect data and experiment with different techniques and technologies – but you’re not expecting any fast results.

I’m definitely an impatient person – I always expect fast results, even if I know that they’re nearly impossible and it takes time to learn something in the field of psychic phenomena. But how long should it take to develop some reasonable psychic abilities, i.e. of sensing psychic energies when you’re sure what you feel is psychic energy, and not your imagination? Few weeks, few months? Maybe few years?

Maybe the problem lies in wrong techniques? Anka’s Training, Bronnikov’s Method, DEIRs, New Energy Ways, not mentioning dozens of eastern energy ways… Which one to choose, which one to stick with? Or maybe the problem lies in having not enough time? Practising for 20 minutes per day and having almost no results? Maybe if you would be paid to practise more so you wouldn’t have to worry about surviving another day, you would be willing to practise for 8 hours a day?

Or maybe the problem is our lack of knowledge and need of mixing different things – like in addition to energy system, you should also remember about proper diet and yoga/tai’chi practise, and finally practical uses of your skills every day? Or maybe the problem lies in simple impatience and expectations of fast results?

These are the subjects

These, and many other questions are the subjects of psychic science – finding what works, and what doesn’t works, understanding how diet affect psychic abilities, understanding the ways that Yoga and Tai’Chi Chuan affect Nadises (Meridians) and Chakras in our energy system. And the means of studying this science are: knowledge of the east, scientific papers of the west, books of both worlds, practise and experiments, finally personal experiences of psychicic explorers.

Finding the way

I’m trying to follow the path of Tao – therefore I believe one should expect no fast results, and should keep practising even without any visible results, as “the journey of thousand miles begin with a single step“, and one should smile on each, even the smallest success in the psychic field. As without access to huge laboratories, without financial support, and without support of the society, all we can really count on is ourselves and our own exchange of knowledge. Perhaps one day, many of the above questions will be answered, and this will lead to increasing number of psychics among us.

But right now, all we can do is practise, and record the results of our experimentation, and our experiences, then share them, and work on theory that one day will be tested… I hope…

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  1. This was an interesting read. looking back on how I did things, I would say I do things as a combination. When I find out about something new and useful (I.E. Tech/omnimancy) I practice a great deal all the time. In between I merely use manipulation to aid myself in whatever I happen to do, and mix experiments in here and there. There have been times I don’t practice at all. Oddly enough I normally get better during those periods.

    by Stolide Demens / June 29th 2009