Create your own psychic “grimoire” :)

For some of you, this might be a catchy headline :). “Grimoire” is a book of magic (“Book of Shadow”), containing knowledge, spells, rituals, tips and tricks of a witch (or a mage), generally people dealing with magic. The name “Grimoire” itself relates mainly to older books that has been written before XVIII century and should not be used for discussing psychic journals, but using this name in this entry is the best way to describe what we’re going to discuss, uff :).


As psychicic explorers, we can not deny our materialistic instinct – let’s be honest, from time to time we have to touch something physical. I mean books of course :P. As I still believe that psychicic explorers should stick with paper and pen, rather than digital apps, I think it’s a great idea to create your own book containing all your knowledge of psychics.

First things first

First we need a blank book which we will later fill with knowledge. You can take a closer look on blank books on Amazon, but if you want my real opinion, then there’s nothing better than a real Moleskine! Or, you can go to your local notebooks provider and find something you will greatly enjoy! Remember, your book of knowledge must look awesome, otherwise there would be no point in creating it ;). Choose something with a “feel”.

Getting basics done

Now you should write down some basics, like what psychics is in your opinion, how can we divide it, what abilities can we recognise etc. Put some nice quote and draw some nice crystal :). OK, you can skip the drawing part if you want. Then you should learn some things about how to actually manage your journal – you can do this on the Ultimate Moleskine Guide Hub Page.

Filled with new knowledge, you should now divide the journal into sections. First, think of what do you want to write about in your journal. Personally, currently I have the following sections in my own Moleskine: psychic development; runes; ghosts, spirits & entities and the ways of dealing with them; Earth Energy Grid. Think about your sections, then put one more called “Draft Pad” where you will write down everything else. Count the number of pages in your notebook, then divide it by number of all sections (including the one for drafts) and you will get the number of pages you can designate for each section.

You can also use some stickers to mark each section, but it’s not necessary – few minutes and you will know where you have what you have. Oh, and don’t worry if you will be forced to write something in wrong section because you won’t have enough space in the original section – my Moleskine is a mess because I’m experimenting with different techniques all over the time.

Let the fun begin!

It’s time for some fun – take a pen, and begin writing down all your knowledge about subjects you have choose to include in your journal. Write something today, write something tomorrow, keep writing things you already know and things you will be learning. With time, your journal will become a great source of knowledge and the blank notebook will turn into the most precious thing you have.

Here are some tips of things you can include in your journal:

  • Your experiences – things you have experienced, simple.
  • Your research and experiments – if you’re running fascinating research or experiments, include the results in your notebook.
  • Visions and dreams – I don’t have to explain, do I? :)

And here are some tips regarding how to run the journal:

  • Include drawings – drawing is fun, and you don’t have to be greatly skilled in this field of art to include drawings in your notebook (no, I will not show you my drawings, lol). Drawings will enpower the journal and they will also improve your mind.
  • Write as you like – it doesn’t have to be beautiful, nor cool looking, rather it should be the representation of you and your personality.
  • Start googling – and look for “Moleskine hacks” stuff, you can find great tutorials for making your journal even more personal.

Now you know everything you need to know to begin writting your very own psychic journal of knowledge :). Perhaps one day you will pass it to your kids, who know? Just remember – it’s all about having fun first, then sharing knowledge later :).

If you have any ideas and thoughts regarding this entry, please post them in comments.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Really interesting stuff – maybe I should write a grimoire of my own. In my blog, I have emphasized the importance of keeping a dream diary (which is a kind of grimoire, right?). The only problem is I already spend so much time writing on my blog, that psychic stuff is really only left for times of introspection and contemplation.

    by Steven Handel / February 13th 2010

  2. Actually, grimoire is a book of occult knowledge dating around 1600-1850 (no older nor newer books should be call grimoiries), but yes, you might say that :).

    by Mastergreed / February 13th 2010

  3. This is not a grimoire. You are mixing up three totally different branches. A grimoire is more or so like a book of formulas, or syntax structures, in which the symbolism has ontological status as being real things in themselves which are manipulated by the person. The gestures and entities (symbols and abstractions are discrete sets of entities) are seen as real things which are manipulated on higher realms. This various considerably with your less abstract branches of magick in which less abstract things are recorded. A grimoire would contain sets of runes, sigils, seals, the meaning, what they go to, the state of mind one needs to be in to use them, and how to use them, etc.

    Where their ontological status is derived from depends upon the branch of occultic thinking. Are they manifestations of “higher beings” and “higher realms” or are they simply manifestations of a group psyche? Maybe both? It is typically tied to ceremonial magick. Typically, the entities held within, in the form of the graph memes, have their own existence in relation to the grimoire making it so that the grimoire will have certain traits in its self. I am using entities in the context in regards to anything that exists within its own discrete state and not necessarily sentient beings.

    A Book of Shadows is a neo-pagan magical journal typically associated with neo-pagan magical paths and/or witchcraft. The branches vary considerably in their practices. While they DO have similarities, they are not the same especially when it comes to symbolism.

    Think about abstract and non abstract art. The differences can be linked to that, almost.

    Your differention between a grimoire and what is not an actual grimoire is like calling any Book of Shadows that was not originally created Robert Gardner not a TRUE book of shadows.

    What you are describing, in this piece, is not a grimoire, or even a book of shadows. It is a journal with new age propaganda attached to it.

    by wyvernkyubi / April 2nd 2010

  4. I admire your knowledge brother, but have you noticed inverted commas in this post’s title? ;)

    by Nathan / April 2nd 2010