Why do people see ghosts & energies

Why is it that some people do see ghosts and psychic energies (i.e. aura) while others can’t do this? Sceptics tend to say that it’s impossible to see ghosts even if they exist because if most people can’t see them, yet they appear on photos and videos, then they must be visible in a specific light spectrum and our eyes are unable to pick it up. Therefore, people who do see ghosts must have something “wrong” with their eyes. But after checking this out, it’s clear to everyone their eyes are fine. So, the question remains, therefore, allow me to present you with the most fascinating psychics theory explaining this weird phenomena.


Brain Makes Tricks

Everyone who ever tried to dig deeper into science of psychics (let’s call it psychics science, hmm) will already be familiar with the simple fact that our brain often tricks us, making us see things that aren’t there – it’s especially visible when someone expect to see something – because this person expect this, the brain will create the image being expected, even if it’s not really there. As you probably already know, our eyes are picking up the image, then electrical impulses are being send through nerves to the back of the brain where the sight sense is located – in a matter of speaking. Then, impulses are being translated during complex chemical reactions into an image, which is a combination of an actual picture picked up by our eyes with our knowledge and experiences gathered during our life.

During these chemical reactions, additional information might be added to what we will “see”. Sometimes because eyes didn’t pick up the fragment of the whole image, and the brain is trying to fill up the hole, and sometimes because we want to see something – it’s that simple. If you want to pursuit the matter further and experience it by yourself, type “optic illusion” in Google :). To all those pseudo-sceptics beginning to rub their hands, please calm down – it’s not what you think it is :).

OK, so now we know the brain can make us see things that aren’t really there. Now we need an element that will help us use our psychic abilities, instead of hallucinating – here is where our psychic sensitivity enters the game.

Making A Use Of The Gift

Psychic sensitivity, our psychic sense (the sixth sense). is the ability to pick up psychic information floating around: information about future, telepathic signals, negative and positive energies, runic energies, residual energies, ghosts and spirits – to make things simpler, let’s mix them together and call them the “ESP Field“. Understand, that all information can be acquired from this ESP Field via psychic means.

So, with psychic sense, a sensitive person can pick up different information floating around, like:

  • Shape and size of the energy field – simple example here: ghosts and spirits, in order to stay “alive”, need to feed with psychic energies. They’re literally “sucking” it from the surrounding area, it can be sensed as the famous “cold spots”. Sensitive person can pick up the exact shape and size of such cold spot.
  • Appearance of a person or clothes – when it comes to residual energies (i.e. hauntings) information had been recorded, and therefore, they can be picked up with psychometric means. Similar thing apply to conscious spirits, but information in this case are being transmitted via telepathic means (a form of telepathic projection).

How is it that a spirit can project such information? Well, the theory says that spirits that still walk the Earth prefer to stick with their human form, and this include clothes too. Also, many spirits don’t really know they’re dead, so it’s pretty logical that they imagine themselves as they would be still alive.

Anyway, this way, we have two crucial elements of the puzzle.

Time To Bring Things Together

Information are being picked up by psychic sense, and they’re getting into our brain (which is still our primary thinking device, heh). Inside, the brain is getting lost. He shouts “what the heck, how did I picked up this?” It’s getting confused, and it has two ways of dealing with the problem. First, the brain can ignore the sensations coming from the unknown source, and this way, the person won’t experience anything but confusion, or a weird feeling, caused by the brain being confused.

The second way is the psychic way – the brain will try to interpret the new information and assign already acquired knowledge and experiences, like this: “OK, this shape look like a hat, so let’s pick up the first image of a hat from our memory storage and assign it to the information… First image is a red hat, so here we have – a nice red hat, hah! NEXT!” :). Yea, that’s pretty the way it works. Based on things you already know, the brain will try to make a sense of the information picked up by the psychic sense. Et voila!

This theory explains many weird things, like, for example:

  1. Shadow People – because these entities might be very inhuman, the only thing brain can assign to this is a black shape of a humanoid (“this weird shape look like a humanoid”).
  2. Mist apparitions – not enough information are being projected by the spirit.
  3. “Real Life” ORBS – a ball of energy is flying around ;).
  4. Flaring and seeing aura – I don’t have to explain, do I?

Isn’t this simple? Odin blesses the gifted people! :)

Applying The Theory To Psychic Development

What people call the “gift” is in reality – a confused brain. The fact, that people with the “gift” pursuit the psychic development further and that they’re becoming professional psychics, have nothing to do with their advanced psychic abilities. Rather, it’s related to the fact that their confused brain can already see psychic energies and spirits, which is making things much easier. You don’t have to think “I think there is an energy between my hands”, but you actually see the energy. Don’t you think it’s damn easy to manipulate it when you can already see it?

People who can’t see spirits and psychic energies, who still want to develop in the psychic field (people like me), should understand two things. First, that they already have the psychic potential. Second, that they have to take the hard way, and they have to learn how to trick the brain, before it will trick them :). The point is to teach the brain when he should “project” images when picking up psychic sensations. Even when this sounds trivial, I still haven’t figured out how to make this. Two ideas:

  1. Practise Aura View – try to sense the aura, and “manually” assign images to the sensations.
  2. Practise psiball flaring – again, try to manually assign images.

Any other method is yet for me to discover.

Now you are familiar with this fascinating theory. What do you think? Also, do you have any ideas as to how to teach the brain? Post your thoughts in comments!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. That was a great explanation for seeing the invisible! You made a lot of sense. Thinking about what you wrote, it does explain a lot of paranormal experiences. If our own brains have a permanent ghost residing inside of it (our own spirit) then it makes sense that this brain can become aware of other spirits as well.

    by David / June 16th 2009

  2. I absolutely loved this! Especially when you go the part about “Applying” I wanted to jump from my seat..lol I tell a lot of my clients this same exact thing. I believe that everyone is born with this “gift”, the only thing I feel that really separates us is how we use and apply it. Trust your instincts, stop and listen. If you pay attention….you just might surprise yourself:)

    by Anne / July 19th 2009

  3. Thank you both for kind words :).

    by Tassadar / July 19th 2009

  4. Interesting article

    I have been searching and researching “reasons for seeing things that others don’t” all of my life, following my first experience at the age of 3 or 4

    I have moved from believing I am mentally ill to being gifted then back to being mentally ill

    I am now resolved to the fact that I am what I am and will not change

    If you want ghosts to go away – ignore them – it works most of the time!

    by Elizabet / July 22nd 2009

  5. Honestly, if it’s a real spirit, then nope – ignoring them won’t work, it’s against astral dynamics.

    by Tassadar / July 22nd 2009

  6. I have been seeing spirits floating around me in the last 2 days what do I do?

    The first encounter was in my momz room, after I seen it I lit a candle for her..she was an adult spirit n so graceful

    The second encounter was at my friends house a baby spirit was floating around her basement mainley around my cup..like it was playing ……..do u think their trying to tell me something ?
    Or just chillin?

    N also I see things others don’t in actual humans

    These things don’t scare me but I’m just curious

    by k-dizz / August 13th 2009

  7. I see the orbs they speak of in this. Of course I believe in as something supernatural.

    by Zachary McBride / September 2nd 2009

  8. After reading this I was attacked and drained and had to keep going to bed.
    I had a vision in my sleep of the world having become one race and the abomination of having no distinction between what separate focused talent that each of the family possessed was suppose to do in the world and maintain our place in the universe. There was one group that I was with using talking toys and one guy that programmed the toys to put their leaders voice recording of their sermon of the downfall and debauchery of the way the world became. I tried to interfere with the teddy ruskben that was being used to distribute this message with a message to stop mixing the abilities of the family’s of the world and then I got caught kicked out and was on the street just in time to see the world burn from city to suburb.

    by Bertromavich / October 1st 2009

  9. My girl-friend is psychic and she sees ghosts all the time. That honestly freaks me out. Especially when she told me there are also evil spirits who are not human… I know her very well – she is not crazy and she is not lying.

    by Pablo / October 27th 2009

  10. I have been experiencing a paranormal state since i was 6 years old, my own spirit sits in a corner of the room and only I can see it! He doesnt say anything, he just gives me a cold stare and he follows me all around the house, when I am in a car he is either sitting next to me or behind me, i see him in mirrors and every place that my human self is located. I have been living within fear for the last 28 years and I dont know how to combat my problem. All I can do is remain fearful and confused from activity that my brain percieves. The only time he speaks to me is in my sleep, he has a demonic value that scares the daylights out of me! I call him my evil twin because that is what he is. I cant explain why I have this feeling. He constantly comes to me and we have full blown arguments in my sleep. He is always trying to get me to do horrible inconcievable things that has landed me without first thinking of the consequences of my actions. He wears all black clothing! I need someone to talk to about my problem. I used to be very suicidal in my teenage years and I feel that as I get older the demands for me to do wrong will get worse! Please Help!

    by Phillip Gill / December 11th 2009

  11. Two things:
    1. Have you ever asked it to leave?
    2. Maybe you should think about investing few dollars in Bruce’s work: Practical Psychic Self-Defense?

    by Nathan / December 12th 2009

  12. I have found your text to be very informative, but believe that your grammar could some improvemen.
    The reason I bring it up is because you are more likely to be taken seriously when you use correct English in every one of its froms. Specially when it comes to subjects of the unknown.
    I would gladly help you if you want to make the changes.
    Just let me know

    by Leila / December 26th 2009

  13. Indeed, my grammar is something I’m still working on – maybe I should look around for some proof-reader :)

    by Nathan / December 27th 2009

  14. You really had me until the end. It sounds as if you are telling us to project an image in front of ourselves. It sounds a bit unhealthy – as if we are creating our own delusions. I always imagined that if there are ghosts and spirits to see that instead of "projecting" (or "forcing") these images into view that we would need to let go of our ego. In this way, instead of our brains re-assigning the information in a way that makes sense (maybe through feelings of dejavu, or in your example: "It is just a red hat.") INSTEAD – when our ego is diminished – our eyes are more likely to see things that can't be easily labeled "cat," "table," or "apple." So we are getting raw sensory information first hand – visions of auras/energies/orbs/etc.

    Am I making any sense here or am I confused?

    by Steven Handel / February 13th 2010

  15. What you're saying is that if I would like to project an image, I would project it? Well, my theory above refers only to our subconscious and I haven't thought that our subconscious can be altered by our conscious… but it can be altered by some other environmental conditions, that's how we get hallucinations…

    Umm… are we talking about the same thing here? lol

    by Mastergreed / February 14th 2010

  16. yes, it works.

    by mer / February 19th 2010

  17. I used to see orbs all the time, flashes, etc when I was pregnant. Being a mother of five, I have seen many. Since then I can 100% declare the sex of one's baby. These orbs were spirits protecting and checking out the physical plane to see if it was suitable for a reincarnate.

    by mer / February 19th 2010

  18. Interesting article. Having been aware of my psychic abilities from a young age I have struggled to come to terms with both the personal & social acceptance of those abilities. I don’t suppose it helped my case when my younger sibling has been in & out of psychiatric establishments and treatment programmes labelled as pschizophrenic after he openly admitted to seeing & hearing things that others didn’t. One does not need a high IQ to realise very quickly that the best method of self preservation in this situation is to keep QUIET!!
    I like your approach of raising awareness that psychic ability ( for want of a better term) is available to all as this makes everyone NORMAL!!

    by Elizabet / March 22nd 2010

  19. just the other day my friend and I were shopping for grocerys when she saw a women dressed in old fashion clothes standind and looking streight ahead and she stopped dead in her tracks. We live in a small town of Adams, MA and we don’t know what was built before the market. We do live in a low income housing which was a paper mill way back in the eighteen hundreds.

    by mary chrostowski / April 18th 2010

  20. Wow, I dont know if u’re writing this with personal experiences or compilation of researches, but I find some of them are very similar to what my bf has told me. He has been seeing spirits all of his life, anytime, anywhere (if they happen to be there). They look just like us , normal ppl with normal clothings etc…, he sometimes sees the “shadow ppl” too and he did say that they never seem “human”. It’s strange but all the spirits have done is just stand there and stare at him .He has never heard any of them talk, or ask him to help them so he chose to ignore them. He sometimes loses his sleep because there are so many of them surrounding him . Until recently, some spirits (or something else ) have been causing noises around the house, his whole family can hear the foot steps in the attic, and someone even pulled his leg down from his bed but strangely he did not see anyone that did it. They shook his cousin’s bed the other night (I know -starting to sound like “PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES” ). He is a fearless guy but seeing that they are scaring his family he finally spoke to them for the very first time. Asking them wat they want and such, but they haven’t said anything back. Seeing my bf’ s being tortured like that day and night pains me and that’s y i came online in search for answers. So if anyone knows how to help him. Plz reply, It’d be greatly appreciated.

    Here are some cool things that he told me about ghosts (wat can i say, i’m very interested and curious about the supernatural world) :
    Some ghosts walk, or slide (like their feet are above ground) .
    Some of them have tried to signal him to follow them, but he never did.
    Some ghosts just wander places to places , like they’re just passing by and notice that he can see them so they’d stop and stare at him for a while ~_~.
    When there are so many of them around, he’d get so tired. He believes that they are attracted to him bc he has a lot of energy , and they are draining him.
    Ghosts are scared to be outside when it’s raining and thundering. So on times like this, they’d try to get inside the house .So if u have to go out at night when it’s raining and thundering , dont bring an umbrella.
    Ghosts /spirits possess weak -willed ppl.
    My bf especially hates it when ppl offer food to the dead .According to my bf, spirits can not touch the food nor consume it in any form. All they can do is stare at the food (not in a happy mood i bet) .

    So far this is wat i’ve asked him . I’d love to hear what u think of this. :) thank u

    by Tboorin / May 3rd 2010

  21. Well, I would advice seeking help from some local paranormal investigators or psychics who could send spirits away. It seems that some spirits he’s experiencing might be residual energies, therefore they’re harmless. Yet other might be very intelligent and self-aware, and those need to be send away.

    by Nathan / May 3rd 2010

  22. suggestions:

    esoteric studies like wicca, golden dawn, huna…it’s energy and your own projections. and quantum physics…

    sensitivity to energy is also called intuition…beyond theory the more important test of knowledge is: does it help you to evolve? this is an interesting topic but i was more curious to why a friend of my ‘attracts’ ghost to her reality where as i don’t.

    and if you do study the esoterics the interesting think about the mind is that if you think your tricking it then who made the decision to trick it, and now that you are aware of the tricking you really arent, are you? ;-) food for thought.

    “you’re the creator of your universe. live it well”

    by abster / May 12th 2010

  23. No, it doesn't. You might not see/experience them anymore, but they are still there.

    by Mave / June 1st 2010