Energy manipulation – a revision

Quite some time passed since the last time I was talking about pure energy manipulation. Because of the simple fact that there are no ultimate truths when it comes to psychics, today I would like to share some fresh thoughts about energy manipulation with you.


Revision of fields

For quite some time I was distinguish three types of psychic abilities – energy manipulation, extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. Most important thing I understand these days is that energy manipulation isn’t one of three fields in psychics – it’s the main field. Take a look at the image below to get a better picture of what I’m talking about.

An old point of view:

Point of view in the past

Point of view in the past

And the new point of view:

Point of view in the now

Point of view in the now

You see the difference? After reading few books and hundreds of people experiences and techniques, I was somehow forced to review my point of view and change it. Now I think that since everything is energy, and we’re living (or “we might be living”) in a hologram, and ever single atom contain information about whole universe (and vice versa), then all psychic abilities are based on energy manipulation. It’s the energy that cause movement in psychokinesis, and it’s the energy carrying information being acquired by ESP means. So now, energy manipulation isn’t yet another field in psychic abilities, it’s the reason both psychokinesis and extra-sensory perception fields works.

Energy is never static

I’ve found out that I was making another mistake, and it was directly related to visualization (I wonder how many of you is still making this mistake). You see, I realised a very obvious fact – that energy is never static. From what I have learned by reading experiences of others, I believe that majority of energy workers is visualising energy as light – they’re “moving” the light throughout their bodies, but except this, the visualized energy isn’t active in any way. It’s just like a jelly, a form of goo. This is wrong.

As soon as I realised this fact, I begun to visualize energy as more active. Now I’m visualising it as powerful light, glowing, and radiating with something I describe as something between heat and electricity. More than that – “my” energy is now vibrating, or shall I say – pulsating, sometime faster, sometime slower. I implement this element in my visualization because of Discover Your Psychic Powers by Tara Ward, and experimenting with Hemi-Sync technology. Sufficient to say is that the energy seems to be stronger, it’s easier to be felt, and because of this, it’s easier to manipulate it. I think I can say – now I can finally manipulate this energy :). Hmm, would it be safe to say that it might be a small step in confirming the theory that psychic energies are waves, not particles?

This also brings me to revision of another of my past belief – today I strongly believe that both visualization and thoughts are important in energy manipulation, not only thoughts, as I tend to say previously.

Therefore, my advice to all readers interested in working with energy – visualize your energy more active, let it pulsate and vibrate – notice your feelings and sensations and report them in comments to this entry, and you might greatly help the theory behind energy manipulation.

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  1. It’s good to hear that others are experiencing and learning about energy manipulation. I have used it for more than 20 years to attain levels of enlightenment that many take a life time to achieve. Just by attaining a higher level of conscienceness we can transform the world.
    Love and light,

    by Stephen / March 28th 2010