3 levels of psychic development

In my previous entry, I have already discussed five levels of human development, and now I would like to discuss the forth, psychic level, even further, a little more deeper. What I’m going to write now might seem very, very obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget about such obvious things ;). The following classification can be also applied to other fields of development, but let’s stick with psychic one, shall we?


3 levels of psychic development

  1. Theory Level
    This is the basic level of psychic development, and it’s all about theory and learning process – reading books, articles, guides and tutorials, learning from experiences of other people on discussion forums and blogs, and general websites, then reading even more and more. It’s very important level, as it will not only give you advices as how to develop further, but it will also prepare you for what you might be expecting in your “psychic future”. Consider it as “psychic wannabe” – you read stuff, and you’re preparing to experience it on your own. Also, this is probably the easiest of all levels – all you need to do here is keep learning.
  2. Practise Level
    Practise comes after learning theory – this is about real training, learning and practising abilities, using them daily and developing them further, finally using them in a practical way (to help others, or help yourself). This is about meditation, energy work or even Tai Chi :). You remember stuff you have acquired during reading, and you know how to use it now, and you’re learning it more and more each day. This level can be described as “it worked well last time” :). In order to develop on this level, you should focus on practising your skills, like aura reading or psychometry, and even something as simple as psiballs.
  3. Experience Level
    This is the last level of psychic development and the hardest to achieve. It’s about inner knowledge and wisdom, that comes from both theory and practise, and you can’t learn this level – you’re developing it automatically with time. This isn’t “I have read” any more, this is “I just know”. You’re reading books and attending to international conferences (hm… wishful thinking) just to stay on topic, but you don’t really need any more books, because you’re mind is telling you everything you need to know. This is a real psychic achievement, during which learning new stuff isn’t a training any more, but it’s pure pleasure. In order to achieve this level, you have to learn more theory and practise more – for many, many years (and no, I’m not on this level yet).

Pretty simple, huh? And now, it’s even more obvious than few minutes ago. So, what level are you on right now? :)

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