How to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

Each day we’re being invaded by huge amounts of psychic energies – some of them is positive, but most of them is negative. Aggression, bad news, sad mood, stress, all of this is being released by people into the air, and it’s being absorbed by walls and items around. Do you know what a “residual haunting” is? It’s a popular form of ghost phenomena, like a recording, information stored within walls are being played back so people can see it. These information are being saved within walls because of their strong emotional value.


Same apply to objects of different sort, have you ever thought about so-called “cursed objects”? Yep, like a painting, or a mummy ). Someone bought it, and it appears his life started to fall apart. This is because some objects are cumulating negative energies that are then being released, causing problems in owner life, and he does not even realise it until it’s too late. People love to collect different stuff without cleansing it. Therefore it is good to know how to actually cleanse objects and building from psychic energies.

Why even bother?

Because negative energy only produce more negative energy. Without shielding, I’m not able to work or focus in “dark area” as I call it, not mentioning that I’m getting aggressive, which isn’t good. Everyone who was ever interested in Feng Shui already knows how important is to keep a steady energy flow in the area you live in. If you want to be more productive, and more positive when it comes to thinking in general, you should definitely start cleansing. And, one more thing – the cleansing I’m describing here is a way to get rid of negative energies, without the need of learning complex Feng Shui rules :). So let’s start!

Let the air flow!

Open up everything, every single door, widget, cabinet, everything! Let the fresh air flow through the room, or through the entire building. Air will bring new, fresh energy inside, and take old, stale energy outside. Now that the walls are breathing, let’s take a closer look at few techniques of cleansing.

  1. Water – in Catholic Church, a priest is using the sprinkler to bless people, walls and items. Believe or not, this technique has not been developed by Christians, it has been known long before the Christian religion was born. Water does have a great power and is often used in cleansing. Take a sprinkler, and cast some water around :). The best would be the water from strong creek or mountain river.
  2. Ring a bell – this technique is often used when getting rid of astral critters, but it’s also often used in classic cleansing. Take a bell and make some noise. Ring a bell in every room, every corner, every box and every cabinet. Now you know that these buddhist rattles and gongs are not made just to look cool ;).
  3. Burning a sage – no, not the wise man, the plant ;). Burn a sage in each room, it can be a sage or an incense, smoke of these has a natural cleansing capabilities.
  4. Salt – sprinkle the salt in the corners of each room and under each window and door, then take the salt and bury it in the ground away of the building. Or throw it into trash, again far away :).

In all of these techniques, remember that when cleansing whole building this way, rooms should be visited in clockwise order, starting from the front doors.

Cleansing a single room

Take a newspaper, on the top of it, place a blue candle, surrounded with a circle of salt  and light it. Take a small amount of sage and burn it. Make sure the candle won’t tip over, leave the room, close the door and let the candle burn out. Then take the newspaper, salt and what’s left of the candle, and bury it in the ground far away from home (or throw it into trash, still far away from home). The salt and paper will absorb the energies this way.

Also, it would be a good thing to put an amethyst brush in the room (druse) – amethyst is one of the most useful crystals for psychic work, and the brush is known from it’s regenerative capabilities when it comes to energies and other crystals. Just remember, that as each crystal or talisman, the amethyst brust also require cleansing at least once per month. How to cleanse a crystal, I will discuss in another entry.

We’re done!

And that’s all what you need to know about cleansing room and building. When it comes to items and objects, use the very same methods – wash the object in incense smoke, sprinkle it with salt or water, put it closer to burning candle, ring a bell close to it. There are some more complex psychic methods to get rid of energies in which a person is acting as huge living filter, but I do not recommend this method for beginners, nor I will describe it now.

Questions? Opinions? Please post them in comments!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I actually had a similar conversation about sage with someone recently. Question, how much do you think it matters what you use, and how much is just the intent behind it :)

    by Jaci / June 2nd 2009

  2. Hmm… that’s a great question indeed Jaci. I’m afraid I do not have the answer to this, maybe we should stick with “50/50”. Since we do not have any scientific proof as for how sage or psychic defense works, it would be most reasonable answer.

    by Tassadar / June 2nd 2009

  3. I usually use a lot of sage when I do house or room cleansings. I keep the sage lighted whether it is 30 minutes or longer. I follow up with sweet grass. the area feels clean and comfortable, and the sweet grass seems to mellow the energies in the cleansed areas.

    by therese / October 13th 2009

  4. i just recently got a new apartment and want to cleanse the place, here’s my question, i have sage but it is old…does that make a difference? Using left over sage from years ago? I appreciate any comments, thank you :)

    by Krystle / April 7th 2010

  5. Personally I see no problem as long as the sage is dry enough :). You have nothing to loose so try it, if you won’t feel your new place is cleansed, you can always buy new sage :).

    by Nathan / April 7th 2010

  6. thank you Nathan..i appreciate the feedback…have any other ideas or suggestions for cleansing a new apartment, im actually moving this Sat. and want to cleanse as much as i can

    by krystle / April 8th 2010

  7. You can also apply some of the methods I discussed in Dealing with Haunting. I’m referring mainly to wind chimes, light and music. Play some peaceful music for few days, hang some wind chimes in your room or on the corridor, open all windows and doors and air the whole flat.

    by Nathan / April 8th 2010