How to create a goal bowl

Having a constant reminder of your dreams is a good motivation technique. One of such reminders is Vision Board. For those who are not familiar with this term, you should definitely read The Secret (or watch the movie if you prefer). But sometimes it’s impossible to create a full-size vision board, either because we have no free space in our room or we don’t want to share our dreams with our roommate in student’s hostel for example. Fortunately, there is a way out of this, and it is called a “Goal Bowl“.


Goal Bowl is a minimalistic vision board created on a piece of paper. All you need to create your own goal bowl is a piece of paper, a pencil and some free time. Take the paper and in the middle of it, draw a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be round ;). Divide it into as many parts as many goals you have right now. The maximum number of goals on a single goal bowl should be no more than nine. It’s not mandatory, but it will make your focus stronger on smaller number of goals at once. Now, at the top of the page write down:

“From the infinitive source, with harm to no one”

It is very important to write this, as it’s acting as a opening invocation (or affirmation) to the universe (the infinitive source) and to your own mind (with harm to no one, you don’t want to earn 10 000 USD as insurance after loosing your legs, right?). Below this, write down more personal invocation:

“Goal bowl of YOUR NAME HERE, written down on CURRENT DATE HERE”

(Of course, if I misspelled it, you still have to use correct English) Now you have to write down your goals within the divided circle. Write down all your current goals (remember, no more than nine). When you are done, put away the pencil, and start the ritual :). Nah, don’t worry – this ritual requires only some level of focus and no sacrifices need to be made ;).

The Ritual

Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Say (either loud, or just in your mind) the invocation, beginning “From the Infinitive Source“, followed by “Goal bowl of…, written down on…” and then read and say (again, either in your mind or loud) the first goal. Focus on it, why do you want to have this or to achieve this particular goal? What are the benefits, why is it so important? When you are done, repeat the process for all other goals, including the invocation for each and every goal. Et voila – the ritual is now complete :).

Repeat it each evening (or each morning, or at any other time of your day, just remember that you should repeat the ritual each day) as long as it takes, until achieving your goal, or deciding you don’t need it any more.

Goal achieved

When you will achieve your goal, take your goal bowl and write it down, “on the day 24th of month April, Anno Domini 2009, I had achieved my goal and I wish to thank for this“. OK, you can skip the “Anno Domini” part, but really, say thanks to the universe (or god, supreme entity or whatever you think is “up there”). Remember, gratitude is the most important part of the Law of Attraction! Then, simple focus yourself on achieving other goals from your goal bowl.

I have changed my mind

When you will decide you don’t want to achieve one of your goals, again take your goal bowl and write it down: “I don’t want it any more, because… I’m going to Buddist temple tomorrow” :). Write down the reason behind your action and forget about this goal. Voila!

Making another Goal Bowl

You can delete some goals, and add new ones, just keep the number below nine. With time, your goal bowl might look like complete chaos, so you might be interested in creating a new one. It’s very simple, just follow the procedure from the very beginning, and focus on your new goal bowl. It’s that simple!

Now you have a nice motivation tool to keep you pointed to the right direction. Have you ever heard about goal bowl before? Have you ever used goal bowl or vision board? Did it worked for you?

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  1. I’ve heard of an I want Jar where you put what you want in life and then when you want to accomplish something in your life given time or pressure you pull out one of the sheets of paper that you wrote on and figure out the goals you need to pursue to achieve your want within the shortest amount of time.

    by Bertromavich / October 1st 2009