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Those who have read or watched “The Secret” will surely remember the famous “vision board”, a board upon which you’re placing image representations of your dreams and things you would like to have or achieve. One day (to be more specific, three weeks ago) an idea came to me to modify this idea of vision board and create a “passion board” – as a materialistic representation of my passions.


So I found some cork board, and on it I placed photo of 25 runes, photo of a ghost (famous Brown Lady), and some newspaper cutting about teacher giving lessons in psychic development. Only three pieces of paper, but it looks great already :). And this is just the beginning, as I’m planning to create an entire collection of these passion boards. You should try it too!

Why should you create your passion board

But why should you even bother? Well, normal vision boards don’t have any magical power as you already now, but the fact you’re placing the photo of your dream on such board is a way of telling the universe what you really want to have (or achieve). And later, this photo is a way of reminding you your dreams (and it works just like Goal Bowl… what? You don’t what a Goal Bowl is? Not to worry, I will explain in another entry soon). The biggest problem with achieving your dreams is the fact you’re often forgetting about them in the chaos of daily life. And a vision board is a way to remind you these each day (if it’s properly placed).

The very same thing apply to passion board. Each day you’re returning home from school or work, such board remind you of your passions and hobbies, of things you love. It’s a “helm” pointing you to the right direction each and every day. Also, in case of hobbies like psychic phenomena you can’t really feel the materialistic aspects. No matter how zen we are or how zen we might want to be, we are still humans – we have to touch, we have to smell, we have to see. Such passion board is a way to satisfy our physical needs normal psychic sensations can’t satisfy. Therefore, don’t hesitate to create such board, place some photos, place some articles, even some sigils or occult symbols, whatever you want as long as you’re enjoying it, really!

How to create your own passion board

Take a cork board, sufficient size would be 120x70cm, but it can be bigger or smaller if you prefer. Prepare some drawing-pins (thumbtacks) and some photos, newspaper cuttings, your personal drawings, even 3d amulets and talismans, or any other things you want to see on your board. Now place the content on the board with pins, et voila :). It wasn’t difficult, right? Yea, there’s almost none philosophy here. All you need is some artistic skills, think about it like about scrapbooking , just with less “trash” elements :). There is no specific rule – put a photo here, put another photo there, leave some more padding here, use greater angle there. My biggest advice would be that you should not try to make everything perfect, there should be some chaos on your board – only there it will gain a soul, because as you know – there is no perfection in the universe and that’s why it is so great :).

After filling your first board

After you have filled your first board, it would be a good idea to grab another cork board. With time, you might end up with a nice collection of these. Personally I believe such board is a part of you. Created by you with your emotions, representing your passions and your hobbies. It would be a shame to destroy them, right? Not mentioning after some time they will become a great source of inspirations and read representation of your personality. Also, passion boards like this are important element of creating your own, “sacred space” in which you’re working, studying and spending your time of silence, and in which you’re regaining your strengths.

But I’m so zen!

Of course, everyone is different. I really enjoy such materialistic representations of psychic development and parapsychology, and it’s deeply related to might point of view that psychic (and parapsychologist) should be very “analogic” – cork boards, notebooks and filled bookshelves. But you might prefer naked walls and very zen environment – it’s up to you if you’ll decide yo create your own passion board.

Also, don’t forget – you can use passion boards no matter what your passion is about – I just gave you some examples based on my own hobby. Now, go and enjoy this little materialistic pleasure! :D

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I like your idea. As you said, daily activities and responsibilities can make us forget our passions and I can see how this would be a great reminder. They say imitation is the best flattery and I’m going to copy your idea. Thank you for sharing this :)

    by Lea / May 5th 2009

  2. I’m glad I was able to help :).

    by Tassadar / May 5th 2009