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I already discussed how to write psychic development log, and what template for this task you should use. I would like to give you some more tips, this time so more general. After this entry, you will really experience benefits of running such psychic development log, so – enjoy!


Additional informations

Basically as you already know, you should include things you have done in specific day, your feelings and emotions, and PSI experiences. Additionally, you can include other informations you believe are important, such as weather or location in which you were practising. Personally I’m including weather in my logs because I want to know if thunders are influencing psychic energies, and I’m including informations about location of my training for researching PSI Currents Theory. Do you have some other ideas as for the content of your logs?

Watch your back!

My psychic development log is not just a log, but it’s also a source of knowledge – small, but still very important. At the back of my notebook, I have informations written down, about benefits of psychic abilities, and a list of things I already know (with huge phrase “I’m an empath, dammit!” :)). There’s also a small glossary for terms I’m using (such as Ener2 – it’s full body charging with cosmic energy). Finally, at the back I have my whole training program – what exercises during which session etc.

Use the back of your log notebook to store useful informations, reminders of any sort, your training scheme and everything you might find useful and helpful in your own psychic development.

Paper, whole paper and paper only

You might ask “why using paper if I can use computer? Why aren’t you using computer?” I’m using computer, yes, but only for research and Hemi-Sync technology. My psychic development log is totally paper :). Why? Because paper helps you calm down a little. Each evening I’m sitting down and I’m drawing new table on new page for next day log. Each morning I’m sitting down and I’m writing the date, wake up hour and weather informations. I’m writing all important informations in my psychic notebook because it’s the moment I can rest, breath and relax. Paper is simple, it’s pleasant, you can touch it, feel it. It doesn’t glow, it doesn’t make any noise computers used to generate ;). It’s important for you to remember your log should be paper-based because the way paper is calming and relaxing your mind is also a part of psychic development, you should not forget about it.

Also, paper is a perfect base to be supported by colourful sticker and sticky notes, pencils, markers and everything that will make it look more personal. Don’t try to make it 100% scientific, you really need to enjoy your paper notebook, don’t hesitate to use whatever means necessary to make it more personal. Think about scratchbooking :)

There is more

Now you know everything it is to know to run a successful psychic development log. But there is more than this, we still have to discuss how to actually manage and use the data you’re gathering for our own advantage. We also should discuss creating very own psychic journal, which would be even more personal. See, even psychics development can be a materialistic pleasure :).

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