3 Types of Psychic Energies

So you heard about PSI energies, psychic energies, or just energies when discussing general psychic subject, but you still have no idea as to what are those energies. Well, no one knows for sure, therefore I can’t tell you the ultimate truth, but I can give you answer from more psychic point of view (the one related to spirituality and channelling).


There are three types of psychic energies we can recognise. Although in the end they seem exactly the same and it won’t make a difference for psychic practitioner, it’s good to know all three types.

Cosmic Energies

Those are energies present in the entire universe, the mythical Ether, the George Lucas’s “Force” which bond the every single particle and every single mind of the entire cosmos, the “Higgs” particle, the supreme entity, god, a “Masterplan” making sure what seems to be chaos, is in reality a pure order. When visualising, it’s often imagined as pure white light, warm and peaceful. This energy is pure and infinitive. It’s the most difficult energy to see, yet the easiest energy to draw and manipulate. This is the energy we’re gathering automatically during sleep to re-energise ourselves.

Earth Energies

Emanating from the very core of our planet, recognised for thousands of years as mythical Gaia, the Mother Nature, this energy is present in every stone, every tree, every blade of grass, every plant and every animal. It is used by psychics for grounding and for a large part of energy works. It’s called “Prana” in India, “Ch’i” in Chine, or the “Odic Force” as named by Karl von Reichenbach’s after many months of research (1788-1869). This is the energy of the thunder, this is the energy of haunted homes, a combination of different energies of different beings and objects.

Auric Energies

Finally, there is an Auric energy, generated by conscious beings such as humans, recognized as energy field around person (aura). This is what psychics recognise as person’s energy fields or PSI signature. It’s the very essence of us, created as a combination of cosmic and earth energies, and our own conscious energies (soul) within our energy system (Chakras and Nadis’s).

Which one are we using?

We’re using all of three energy types. When we’re sleeping, we’re energising ourselves with cosmic energies, we’re often doing this consciously when practising breathing techniques or basic energy manipulation (charging). We’re sensing Auric energies when among people (especially if you’re an empath or other sensitive person). We’re sensing Earth energies for example in haunted house (all these negative, positive, material and spiritual energies merged together). We’re often using Earth energies to create a psiball, we’re using Auric energies to scan people, we’re using Cosmic energies to transfer information by telepathic means.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? But yes, all you need to know is how do we recognize three types of energies, besides that, you can use just single term “psychic energies” and it will be enough for you to use psychic abilities. Uff :)

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. This is total BS. There is one energy: Psi.

    by Bob / May 2nd 2009

  2. There is no such energy – the letter PSI is being used to mark the unknown factor and it should be treated this way. Yet honestly – I’m not sure how can you call anything a bullshit in case of psionics – could you please explain?

    by Tassadar / May 2nd 2009

  3. I think good old Bobs comment calls for a post about the misunderstanding of universal energies. You cannot claim that other energies do not exist. You can barely claim psi exists. We have no scientific evidence to support this idea. Psi is BELIEVED to be the result of the nerves firing. The unused energy (there is a LOT of it). However, there is no substantial evidence to support this claim. It’s a good idea, and that is where it still remains.

    Other energies are just as present. Reason being, if you say you’re using Chi, you are clearly using Chi, even if that Chi you are using is Psi. Perhaps there is one, but varying characteristics allow for varying definitions. On top of this, you until you can disprove other energies, you cannot claim only one exist.

    Our entire reality is composed of varying energies we cannot perceive, and I’m speaking scientifically. Electrons and the like. So to believe in Psi, yet to assert that only one metaphysical energy can exist, in only one form, is very hypocritical.

    by Perspective Shift Chris / May 5th 2009

  4. Was that directed towards me? If so, I must admit that I’m kind of confused. Prana, Chi, Ki, and Psi are all the same. WORDS. We aren’t talking about their descriptions but their actual existence. You could just as easily say _I_ don’t exist, as in my name, Chris. However, my being is clearly present. One other thing… Chi is also in the Greek alphabet :)

    by Perspective Shift Chris / May 5th 2009

  5. PSI does exist and I have a proof for that, here y’have: Ψ :D.

    Again, terminology my friend ;). PSI is a Greek letter, it’s not an energy, it’s an mathematical “x” used to mark the unknown factor in as this, it should be used in any research and experiments. While Chi (or Prana, as Hindu call it) is the (mentioned above) Earth Energy, the life energy. Auric energy is soul, earth and cosmic energies mixed inside your body, and cosmic energies in some cultures are referred as god or supreme entity. Is that clear enough now? :P This specification is being used when we’re discussing more spiritual part of psionics.

    But, psi energy does not exist, PSI is a letter ;). You know, C is not the speed of light, C is just a letter to mark the speed of light.

    by Tassadar / May 5th 2009

  6. @Chris,
    Lol, we should definitelly start using @ symbol in our discussions…

    Chi – but you were referring to chineese Chi, not the Greek one, right?

    Chi & Prana are words used to name the specific energies from Chine and India beliefs. PSI is an unknow factor (“X”). Chris is your name and you surely exist (right?). Now I’m confused…

    by Tassadar / May 5th 2009