Cards Test Classification

During many years of research and experiments scientists and psychics have created different kinds of tests you can perform with cards. This classification is based on individual preferences of people performing experiments, as everyone is different, and everyone is perceiving psychic feelings differently. So below you can see classification – remember, it’s just a curiosity or element useful for experiments, as during learning and practice you have to focus on feelings, not some strange scientific classifications ;).



Before Touching; A series of cards in envelopes is being lay on the desk in front of “performer” (psychic, person being tested). Performer is mentioning the symbol or colour of the first card and then he put the envelopes aside. He is doing the same thing with all other cards.


Down Through; Same as in BT-Test, but this time performer is not putting envelopes aside, instead of this he is just mentioning the symbol/colour from first card to last without touching them.


Open Matching; Five types of cards is being lay on the desk, with visible symbols/colors on the top. Then, performer is sorting cards from a package and laying them on five visible cards, trying to match symbol/color (sorted cards are layed with symbol/color on the bottom); There are five “pattern cards” on the desk, and you have a package of cards on your own – you’re taking one card from the top and without looking on it, you’re trying to match it with these patter cards. “Your” cards might be inside of envelopes if you want.


Blind Matching; Same as above, but this time first five cards are being lay with hide symbols on the bottom.


Screened Touch Matching; Same as in case of OM-Test, but this time performer is not touching cards, instead he is pointing one of five cards through screen (he can’t see or touch these cards), and assistant is matching the cards from package using performer suggestions; Patter cards are visible to assistant, but you can’t see or touch them. Package of cards is also accessible only to assistant, he is taking one card from the top (in envelope or without it), you have to point which pattern card is the match.

And that’s pretty all – few simple tests you can perform if you want ;). Pretty scientific, don’t you think?

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