How to write a psychic development log

From few days I’m exploring the good old OPC websites, reading psychic development logs, looking for tips, information or just interesting data. Guess what – I still haven’t found anything ;). Something is wrong, and this “something” is lack of knowledge regarding simple matter: writing training logs. It appears people don’t really know what to write, so they’re filling pages with irrelevant data, thinking that what really is important is irrelevant. Umm…


The fact you created fifteen psiballs is really important indeed. But the fact your girlfriend is beautiful isn’t ;). I mean, it is, but not for the log itself. More than that, believe me: what you eat on breakfast, were you exercising, how long have you been sleeping, how do you feel – such things matters, really! Why? It’s very simple. Sometimes it appears your psychic skills have developed greatly over night: you have telepathic experiences, you have precognitive experiences, you can sense energies, you can see aura. But the next day, you can’t repeat anything, it appears that it has come for one day, and now it’s gone. And you have no idea what just happened. This is where the logs become useful.

You can take a look at your logs, et voila, now you know: you woke up early, you meditated, you eat “this” on breakfast, and you slept exactly six hours, all of this on the day you had all these supernatural experiences. But the next day, the one during which everything was gone, you slept 9 hours, you did no eat breakfast, and you did not meditate. So now you have some clues, and you can repeat the “first” day and see if you will have some psychic experiences again. Now you see why psychic training logs are important, and that the slightest details are important too. Personally I failed in this case, I was always focusing on psychic experiences, not on my food habits ;). This was a mistake I’m trying to fix for some time now. I always knew there’s something I’m missing in psychic development, now I know one of these missing elements is this detailed log of my own psychic development. I don’t know what I have been eating, drinking, if I have been meditating, exercising, how long I’ve been sleeping and so on, in time of my best psychic activity, I just never paid attention to such small details.

So don’t make the same mistake I did. Write everything: sleep period, what hour did you fall asleep, what hour did you wake up, have you been running or exercising, have you been meditating, generally: write every single detail of your day. I mean it, every single detail, and mark days like “today I had a lot of supernatural experiences” and “today I felt so ordinary” :P. In few weeks, perhaps months from now you will have the opportunity to use your new, fresh logs to help in some research project (anonymously, of course).

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