The Healing Energies of Earth

I recently finished reading “The Healing Energies of Earth” by Liz Simpson, and of course because knowledge is nothing if you can’t share it with others, I would like to share my opinions with you in this book short review. The review itself is exactly like book – short ;).


Liz Simpson wrote a about our own planet, Earth, presenting it as a forgotten goddess: Gaia. In The Healing Energies of Earth she is discussing the entire ecosystem and our own human place on this planet, our dependencies and responsibilities towards Earth as living organism. Topics range from the beliefs of our ancestors and pagan religions, to Wicca, and to pure aspects of modern shamanism. Thanks to this book you will also learn the basic informations about Ley Lines, Dowsing, Crystals, Feng Shui, and even something about chakras, finally you will learn about healing properties of crystals, fruits and vegetables, and herbs as well. All these informations are described shortly, after all the book itself is very short, it has only 160 pages and it is written with big font. Although this means it’s easy to read, I feel like something is missing, definitely the book is too short for my personal mind :). Also, the book is beautifully illustrated (or should I say: “imaginated”), this is making reading of this book even easier and more pleasurable. But, it’s not a scientific publication, so no one should be expecting a lot of complex text only for scientific minds, right? Even if Liz Simpson’s book is presenting many different elements and aspects of our “spiritual” nature in very… short way, it’s not a con, but an advantage of this publication, as it’s giving you the general look at many things, and from this single book you can move forward in your explorations, as you know what to look for.

If you’re interested in learning some basics about mentioned things such as crystals of feng shui, but you don’t want to start with many fat books, you should definitely read this book. It’s short, simple and a pure pleasure :).

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