Being a psychic is about feelings

How can you believe in something you can’t touch, you can’t smell, and you can’t feel physically? When someone is telling you it’s raining outside, you’re heading for a window to see the rain for yourself. As human beings, we are programmed to confirm our beliefs with physical sensations. But in case of psychic abilities, it’s nearly impossible. You can’t see the energy (at least not as a total newbie, and even if you have many years of experience, it might be difficult), you can’t hear spirits. It’s probably another reason why psychokinesis is so popular – it’s a physical manifestation of psychic phenomenon, people can see it with their own eyes and therefore, they can believe it is real. Another reason why developing skills among other people is a good thing.


Energy manipulation, on the other hand, is mainly a mental activity, especially on the very beginning, because all you can notice is you thinking “move energy here, then move it there”. With time you’re learning how to sense the energy, but it’s still not what you would like. You would like to see the energy floating around you, perceive auras whenever you want, or even flare psychic constructs whenever you want. Without such obvious physical experiences, you don’t know if the energy is really there, if the telepathic message is just a a coincidence, and if the spirit apparitions are just hallucination, or you really have a gift.

It’s all about feelings

This is the hardest thing for newbies to accept. Psychic development and usage is about feelings and emotions. It’s a mental activity, happening mostly on the mental level. Sometimes your brain might “translate” psychic input to physical output you will be able to feel, but mostly you will just “know things”. More than that, as you’ll proceeding with learning non-verbal communications (NVC), very often you will experience this “stupid” feeling that Earth languages are too primitive to describe your thoughts :), there’s not enough words to express your psychic experiences.

So “OK, it’s about feelings, what next?” – well, that’s it :). People who are forcing physical sensations won’t get far. In case of psychic development, it’s very important to forget about material world and focus just on your mind and the whole mental level. If you will understand and accept what all of this is about, you will make the first step in psychic development, but as long as you will be expecting physical manifestations of your abilities, it won’t give you any results.

So trust your feelings, trust your instinct, and don’t expect anything “material” – sure, physical manifestations might happen, but remember – this is not the point ;).

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