My understanding of divination systems

I’m back! Nope, not for long, but with just one post, at least for now. I’m studying different divination systems for few weeks now and I came up with some thoughts I want so share with you. What divination systems are you familiar with? The Tarot cards will be your first answer. Runes perhaps? The I-Ching, or book of changes? Palms reading? I’m sure you can come up with even more answers to this question.


… They’re all the same. At least this is what I think. Of course you might not agree, as you recognise there are differences in symbolic, and in rituals themselves, but if there’s only one think years of psychicic studies thought me is the fact, that… in fact everything depends on your own mind. Just as I believe magic is nothing more than a psychicic supported by symbols and specific rituals, I believe Tarot, Runes and I-Ching are the ways of breaking the mental block and accessing the information floating around with the help of symbolic and rituals.

Similarities and differences

At first none of the divination methods mentioned above seems similar in any way. In Tarot, we have cards, an artistic representation of specific terms and events. In Runes, we have sharp-edged, “cold” symbols. And finally in I-Ching we have simple lines. But after you take a closer look, you realize that even if everything is different, the final meaning is the same. How can this be that different divination systems are capable of providing you with the same informations? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with, is the fact every divination method is a gateway. When you’re using symbolic for divination, the gate is being open, and you’re receiving access to your higher mind, which, using non-verbal communication free of language problems, is able to provide you with informations you seek.

Every divination system is good

Where is this leading us, you might ask. It is leading us to making a statement, that no matter if you believe rituals are important, or you believe they don’t really matter, you’re still right. Some teachers of divination might tell you that you have to make runes on your own. Some might tell you that you can not buy Tarot cards, as you have to receive them as gift. Some say it doesn’t matter if you buy plastic runes, or handgraved in a diamond. I say – do what you think is right.

As for Tarot, I’m only reading about it, but I’m actually using Runes, so I will use these as an example. I’ve bought my Runes on an on-line auction for 30 zloty (which is making right now about $8 USD).  They’re made of clay burned in a  klin. They’re not shining, some might say they look awful and totally unprofessional. I wasn’t really analysing if they’re good or bad, I just saw one photo, and I said to myself: “they’re awesome!” And I pressed “buy now” button. Few days later, my Runes arrived. And I love them. I can really feel them, for me they’re just beautyful, and it’s all that really matters.

Do not care what others say, do not think to much. If you think this Tarot pack is wrong, don’t buy it. If you think you should receive cards as a gift, put them on your wishlist :). If you believe you can buy Runes on-line without touching them first – do it! If you think you can’t get the reading without long ritual in a candle light, just perform a ritual. Because no matter what you will do, your reading will work, as long as you believe your Tarot cards or Runes are working, they will work. Just keep an open mind, believe in your cards/runes/other means of divination, and the gateway to your higher mind will be opened. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or how are you doing it, it matters if you believe.

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  1. Good to see you around writing good stuff :)

    by jaci / March 15th 2009

  2. Funny thing – when I was “away” I had a really difficult time, but when I started writing this article, all my problems just disappeared at least for a moment. Therefore, I think I will be writing few more articles :P

    by Tassadar / March 15th 2009