There is no point in reinventing the wheel

I’ve been talking to people for some time now (umm, you get the point) and I’ve noticed something unpleasant. You see, there is a lot of people “learning psychic abilities“, yet they stick with belief that they have to learn everything themselves, and using knowledge and experiences of others have no use in their own development. Well, this is stupid way of thinking in my opinion.


There is no point in reinventing the wheel, right? If someone invented it already, then we should be using it instead of inventing our own wheel because we believe this is what we should do. No, if any one want to learn anything regardingĀ  psychic abilities, one have to understand that he should stick with knowledge and experiences of other practitioners and researchers as long as their results prove to be useful and working.

All “how-to” articles so popular among community are a way of sharing knowledge and experiences. True, they are just guidelines, but hey – most of us begun with these articles and accepted them as sources of first knowledge and tips and techniques, right? Then why most of so called psychics are not reading research papers on the subject of psychic abilities, why aren’t they implementing the results of experiments in their own development?

To be honest – a person who believe that there’s no point in learning psychic abilities from real research papers and everything need to be learned on your own, is nothing more than an idiot. Sorry, that’s how I see it. But, when a person just don’t look for other sources of knowledge because he/she don’t know about their existence (or just don’tĀ  think they might be useful), well – this is another story…

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  1. Hey Tassadar :), It’s confuded.

    The problem with resources is trust. How can I trust some random resource I found on the web? Do I have to believe some article I found on the web?

    Now, I know there are old-school resources like PsiPog, which are highly trustworthy and valuable. Why? Because of it’s well known members, because it is recommended by a lot of people and by experienced people.

    I think you have not overlooked all points and angles of the argument ;). Some people prefer to learn on their own, because what they discover (after hard times work) is worth much more to them and is a greater phenomena, rather than achieving something already known (though still paranormal :) ). But they might get it wrong, follow a dead end or an offside track and end up wasting their time just because they gut t all wrong.

    Conclusion: We need a balance of both: guidelines and self education :). Is it not true?


    P.S. Don’t get so excited :). I just am bored and it is 2:22AM, so I am not fully sure I am writing sense ;).

    by confuded / February 3rd 2009