“Psychic Development for Beginners” – book review

Recently I’ve invested some dollars into Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Developing & Releasing Your Psychic Abilities (uff, that’s definitely a long title), a book by William W. Hewitt – a freelance writer and the author of eight books published by Llewellyn Publications. Definitelly it’s not a book for a scientific mind.


193 pages of text (+/-) is an interesting reading indeed, yet after only few pages a person taught by PsiPog will notice a lot of “fluff” in this book. It is because Hewitt is very often making references to spirituality and he is speaking about all this love and peace, like he would want to change the whole world with one book. Fortunately, reader can simple ignore spirituality and love from this book and follow interesting case studies from Hewitt’s own life, and 44 practical exercises for developing psychic abilities.

What is interesting that after so many years in psychics world I had to grab a book to understand the importance of altered states of consciousness in developing psychic skills. Describing different brain waves and altered states of consciousness is the first important topic in whole book. “Psychic Development for Beginners” is teaching how to access the “basic psychic level” in very simple and user-friendly way, and then how to use this level to make using psychic skills such as telepathy or psychic healing easier.

Book is also presenting an idea for “Psychic Goal Bowl“, a way to keep you focused on your life goals. Unfortunately, that is all I can say about Hewitt’s book – you won’t find any “miracle techniques” in it, you won’t learn about bending spoons, and except learning about altered states of consciousness and using basic psychic level to increase the “accuracy” of your skills, you won’t learn anything interesting.

Or at least a scientific mind won’t – if you’re deeply into this spiritual stuff, you might find this book very interesting, if you’re not, you can read it only learn about basic psychic level. And due to the fact book is easy to read, it might be also a pleasure reading for cold winter evenings.

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