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Article written by Jaci, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

This is a suggestion for a very simplified form of scanning and is a good exercise for increasing general sensitivity. In its simplest form, these types of scans gather fairly basic information, however they can be useful and are easy to verify which is a good thing for practice reasons. So here goes. To be able to scan, you first need to be able to move your awareness. What is your awareness? It’s basically everything you are conscious of. When you move your awareness away from your body, it can be a similar feeling to when you daydream deeply. You forget about your body and become more aware instead of the place you have shifted your awareness to.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

So how do you actually shift your awareness? In some ways it’s a matter of focus. To start off with close your eyes and concentrate all your attention only on your hand, ignore everything else. Just pay attention to the pressure you feel against your hand where it rests on the desk, the temperature of your skin, the feel of the air moving over your hand (etc). Move your awareness so that it is only inside your hand. Really feel like all of you has been moved to this one place so that in a way, you have become the hand. Done that? Congratulations, you’re now beginning to get a feel for what you’re looking for. Try focusing on different areas, you might want to try focusing on your knee, or a point on your arm. Experiment a bit and see how you go. When you feel ready you can move onto shifting your awareness away from your body.

First you can try a smaller step, we’re not going too far away yet . Think of your arm again. Become very aware of it in a similar way to the exercise above. You are now going to move your awareness of your arm away from your body. Visualization may help here. For example you may think of a ghost like image of your arm overlaying that of your real arm. Move your focus into the ghost like version of your arm and keep it there. Your awareness is now in the ghost arm and you can move it around away from your physical arm. Don’t move your real arm, this remains still and relaxed. Pretend your real arm can’t be moved any longer since you now the ghost arm. You use your mind to guide the ghost arm around, since that is now where your awareness is. As you do this, don’t be surprised if you pick up impressions or “feel” whatever you touch. Also don’t be concerned if you can still feel your physical arm while doing this exercise. You probably will, however generally you should be far less aware of it than usual.

Next, I’m going to explain how to scan for something away from your body. This is very similar to the previous exercise, however this time you are going to move the awareness of your entire body, not just the awareness of your arm. Pick a room or area which can’t be seen into from where you currently are. (Just a tip, especially when starting out it may help to pick an area close by (although don’t let yourself become too hung up distances). It’ll also help when you want to check the results of your scan). Now try to work out if there are any people present in the area you’ve chosen. Extend your awareness into the target area and “brush” it across the room with the intent of finding any people if they are there. Try not to over think this, its not difficult to do but can be hard to explain. In many ways this is done, really is similar to the previous exercises. One way you can think about it is this: normally you pay attention to the to the general area immediately surrounding you. Instead of this, try closing your eyes and focusing on a single point in front of you. Move this point of concentration forward until you reach the area you want to scan. You can now move this area of focus across the targeted area.

As you do this, pay particular attention to anything that seems to prevent you from moving your awareness smoothly over the area, (however pay close attention to any information you get back, no matter how small it may seem). You can either use a “just do it” kind of method (for those of you who use the “just do it” method for PK, yes it is similar,) where you stop thinking about it and simply move your awareness out and look, or its fine to use a visualization if it helps. Some visualization examples that might help could include something like looking at a radar screen and looking/feeling for any glitches or swinging a piece of rope in an arc around you and seeing if you can feel it catch or move over something. It’s possible you may get a different sensation back to what I’ve described or simply just know that someone is there.

So now you’ve made a decision about whether anyone is around or not. The next step is to go and check. You need to know how accurate you were to continue learning. It may take practice so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work first off. Keep positive and have fun, believe me it will work better in the long run if you do.

Once you get the hang of that you can try some extra things. How many people do you think there are? Try looking for a specific type of animal instead of people for a change (this one’s good for finding wildlife on a bush walk). There are lots of possibilities, experiment and see what you can come up with. One thing that is very useful to know how to do, is to recognise the sigs of the people you’re scanning. So what exactly is a sig? Frozen Flames explains this well in his Sig Alteration Manual:

“It is a psychic fingerprint. Everyone has a unique sig, and it is permanently in his or her psi constructs as well as in themselves. Nobody can completely remove their sig, even from their constructs. If I want to scan Joey’s shields, I must first locate them by using his sig. However, 99% of the time sig location is done, it is subconscious. Most people will simply think, “I wish to scan Joey,” so they do. However, if Joey masks his sig, it will become extremely difficult to accurately scan him. The same goes for sending constructs. Most will simply program, “Go to Joey,” into their constructs. The construct will then find them by using their sig, and then go to them. However, if their psychic fingerprint is masked, the result is obvious. So that is for what the sig is and does. But what does a sig feel like? That is extremely difficult to describe. Lets use some test subjects: Take a few people you barely know. Maybe look in your school Year Book. Now pick out about five random people. Look at the first person’s name, picture, or both. Concentrate on it, but stay relaxed. Think about their name. A feeling may come to you, something that is hard to put your finger on. Now do the same with the other four. All of them should have different “feelings”. Some may be similar, but like a fingerprint, all are different. This is their sig.”

So while doing your scans, pay attention to any feelings and impressions you get. This will help you to learn how to recognise individual people by their sig in this way. Also keep in mind that as you’ve probably already noticed from the above exercise, all people have a sig, not just other psychics.

These scans can also be modified to scan energy and its programming, which is an invaluable skill in psychics. If you have psychic friends, a good way to practice is to have them place constructs in a room which you can then scan and locate. Again you can use a similar scanning method to the one used to find people, however this time the intent behind the scan is to find constructs rather than a person. No psychic friends nearby? No problem. As you improve your scanning skills, you can drop by the chat and find a practice partner who is willing to let you scan their shields and constructs. It is important to ask first before you do this (Re: etiquette, safety, privacy etc). Many psychics can tell when they’re being scanned. Scanning this way may be slightly different to what you’re used to, but its not too different. You need to be able to recognise sigs for this to work. Locate your partner’s sig then move your area of focus to this location to find them. You can then scan for constructs and shields using the same method I went though before. Another way you can practice, is to have someone send the construct to you. You can then scan the area around you to locate it and look at the programming.

Just one last thing, as with all psychicic activities, remember not to overdo it. If at any time you start to feel tired or unwell while practising these exercises stop what you’re doing. It really is a good idea to take a break and come back to it at a later time.

Take care, have fun and experiment.

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