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Article written by Lidless_i, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

Psionic signatures, often called psi sigs or just sigs, can be a very useful tool when working with just about any psychicic skill. People have speculated as to the nature of a psi sig; what causes the mentally detectable blip that is essentially a persons psychicic identity? Well, to be honest, I have no idea what causes them, I suspect that it has something to do with your consciousness, others think that it’s an electromagnetic field created by living things. Many theories on just what a sig is are available over the vast wonder that is the internet, maybe I’ll compile them into another article some day, but that’s not the purpose of this article.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

Where, in psychics, are sigs useful? One might ask; well there are many practices in the field of psychics that use sigs. It is my belief that psychicic perception is based on perceiving sigs as one might hear or see, but what I believe isn’t important. Sigs can be used to pinpoint the geographic location of other psychics that you may meet on the internet (utterly useless but fun none the less) or to establish a link during telepathy practice. Every single person on earth has a psi sig, and no one has the same sig. Its safe to think of the sig, as a finger print. They are also very important in scanning and sending either telepathic “transmissions” or constructs to people that aren’t sitting right in front of you or that you can’t see. Inanimate objects seem to have a sig as well but it is far less reliable and often harder to locate than that of living things such as dogs cats and people. Constructs however, seem to have clearer and more defined sigs than the people who made them, most of the time.

Now, on to the part of the article that you have all skipped to because you want the nitty gritty how-to’s, not the science lesson. So here are the three methods that I will be listing:

1) First you need to think of the name of the person, rock, dog, whatever the hell you are finding the sig of, then you need to relax and focus on that name and any other information you might have on the person, animal, object. Hold the information in your head and just keep it there. Now, this next part is hard to describe so bear with me, you need to stop thinking about all the information and slowly begin thinking about how all this information is connected. At first you might not get anything, but that’s ok. After awhile you might start to get a certain feeling when you try it, or a color, or even a seemingly random image.

2) First off, clearing your mind is important in this one, the most useful way I have found for doing this is to simply picture a blackness. Once you have used whatever method you like to clear your mind, think of the name of the object/person/animal that you want to find the sig of. Now just let your mind go back to it’s normal thought patterns, in other words letting the clearness of your mind slip while holding the name or information in your head. As you let your mind return to it’s normal thought processes, one of the random thoughts or feelings you get, if you held the images, information in your head, should be (essentially) the sig that you are looking for; if not than try looking for the sig (meaning forcing a sig to come, which can often lead to analytical overlay but it’s worth a shot) while you let your thoughts return to normal.

3) This method of sig snatching (my name for finding sigs, call it what you choose) involves little to no visualization, and is a method I stumbled across by accident. It is basically the equivalent of sight or hearing or touch or any other sense, it’s just sensing a sig plain and simple. I would recommend this one after the you have one of the other two down pretty well. As for how-to it just clear your mind, and pick out the sig. It might be hard to understand now but you’ll get it later on if you don’t already.

As for using sigs to pinpoint physical location, well I’m not going to get into that as it is better classified as clairvoyance and I still have experimenting to do with it. Keep analytical overlay in mind while you try to confirm your results because it’s pretty common at first. Don’t kick yourself when it happens because it happens to everyone and you’ll learn to determine analytical overlay from actual sigs with practice.

If you were wondering about the stuff that you can do with sigs, well I already mentioned telepathy. To use it for telepathy, empathy, pinging, sending stuff generally, you just need to get the sig and then pretty much send to the sig. You might have to adapt just how your sending it, either directly at the sig or just at the person you know is behind the sig depending on weather or not they are receiving the message during practice. Using sigs to receive works pretty much the same way; pinpoint the sig, “lock” onto it, and just open up your psychicic senses or clear your mind or whatever the hell you choose to do for tp/ep receiving.

Sigs can also work like nonverbal anchoring (look up what anchoring is because I’m not going to explain it as it is beyond the scope of this article) by replacing the anchor word with a specific signature. While, instead of saying the anchor word, just concentrate on the sig.

If at some point you want a game to play for practice (Tp has a few why not sig snatching?) you and your friends could make constructs programmed with other’s sigs and then everyone tries to sense who has what construct programmed with who’s sig or something like that. Just play around with stuff because that’s a great way to learn.

Cyall next time I write an article. If you have any comments or complaints about my techniques or whatever…Or if you just want to chat it up with lonely old me, you can contact me at lidless_i[at] (send me junk mail and I can out junk mail you any day, so please be courteous).

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