Light Dimming

Article written by Alegiojon, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

Maybe you have experienced it yourself already: While practising Psychokinesis, the lights near you suddenly started to dim or flicker. Coincidence? Maybe, but this could have been an application of Psychokinesis! This is something you can learn to do consciously.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

This manual is based on my own experiences with this form of PK. First I’d like to say the one thing you probably have read/heard many times before: you don’t have to believe it’s possible, but it does help. For some people it will take more time and for others it’ll take less, but I believe it all depends in how much you want it and how much effort you put in it.

How I discovered it

When I was 11 years old I saw a movie called “Matilda”. It was about a little girl who could do psychokinesis and turn off lights, and for some reason it caught my interest. I started trying to do these kinds of things with no success. Until one day I was sleeping in my bedroom and I just woke up. I noticed the lights were on, but I always sleep with only one light working. So I stared at the light and started to repeat “turn off” in my mind. Nothing happened, and I decided to say that phrase out loud. After a few minutes the light dimmed. It went pretty quickly though so that motivated me more, and I kept at it. After a couple minutes the light just turned off. I was very impressed but also scared, and I ran to my mom’s bedroom to tell her what just happened. She didn’t believe me at all and I insisted that she take a look at the light. When she came to my bedroom she saw with her own eyes the light was turned off, and for some reason it turned on again by itself right before her eyes. I remember she got mad at me and told me to stop doing these weird things. Luckily it’s different now that I’m older and have more control over my own life.

My theory about how it works

Well as most of you know and as some people have also said in other manuals, we all have an “aura” or magnetic field surrounding our body. This field can be moved by our minds, and it can also be moved at distance, away from your body. I believe if people can move the psi-wheel at distance, they can dim a light. So for me it works like this: We can “send” energy to the light and of course those bulbs have magnetic fields too which I think when both energies are together (your energy and the bulb energy) it creates a “dim” effect.

The ‘third eye-vision’ method

These methods are based on my own experience. They don’t necessarily have to work for you, so I suggest you try different things and experiment with it.

  1. Relax, you have to be all calmed down not stressed, not mad, not sad, just being in a natural and relaxed state. (Though you could experiment with emotions involved)
  2. Select a light. I recommend to try with different lights, different sizes, voltages etc. (It didn’t work with neon lights for me but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, investigate and experience with it)
  3. Focus in what you want to do, clear your mind of any thoughts (really important step)
  4. Stare at the light and “visualize” or try to actually see something that surrounds the light. I believe that is the magnetic field I mentioned before.
  5. Now try to do the same thing as when you spin a psi-wheel at distance. You can visualize energy flowing out of your third eye chakra directly to the light, (Please do a search on Google for “third eye chakra” if you are not familiar with this term) but personally I don’t visualize anything.

What I do is move the magnetic field that is surrounding the bulb just like when I move the psi-wheel at distance. I think it’s the same process as when you would have to move that thing inside of the bulb and after doing it for a while you might already see some dimming. For me it’s not complicated to see that field surrounding the bulb. If I stare at a light for some seconds without much effort, I can see it.

Note: the important thing is to mix both energies, the bulb energy with your energy, remember to imagine the magnetic field moving inside of the bulb, could be a bit confusing you have to learn how to differentiate the magnetic field and the after image thing, an after image is something that happens to the vision when you stare some minutes at something, so with the light happens a lot, you can notice when is an after image by looking at a wall after staring at the light for some minutes, if when you stare at the wall you see something like, green or violet that is probably the after image I mentioned.

After dimming lights for a while you will probably want to do something harder, like turning them off. Basically this works the same as dimming, but it requires practice, just like with TK. Have patience and practice it regularly.

It works better for me at nights and if you have had something similar like dimming lights while you practice TK or anything that requires concentration, I believe you’ll get it really fast.

The fingertips method

This one is a bit complicated for me, also harder, but try both methods and see what becomes easier for you. I’ll explain what you have to do, first do the four last steps in the third eye method.

  1. First keep this in mind, YOU can do it, can you spin a psi-wheel with your hand or with a finger? Then you can dim a light.
  2. Pick the cable or put a hand in the switch of the light, concentrate energy in the hand-finger you are using. At this point you could feel some tingly or heat sensation which is good. When you feel this, try rubbing the cable/switch, to make the feeling stronger. Eventually you will feel an electricity-like sensation, don’t get scared by the feeling, it is ‘normal’.
  3. When you are really sure about the feelings all you have to do is wait, and also I advise you to use distraction at this point. For example, you can start thinking about anything you want in your mind, try to remember things you have to do, or things you did the last day, but keep the light dimming in the back of your head. When you least expect it you’ll see it did dim! That’s basically all you have to do, while using the distraction keep touching and rubbing the cable-switch.

Note: you can try this as exercise to concentrate energy at different parts of your body, get relaxed, could be lay down if you prefer, or just sited in a comfortable chair, now try to breath really deep at least for three times, try to feel your heartbeat, now try to concentrate the beats in any other part of your body. I believe many of you have done this before, this is not really complicated but I think it helps in learning how to concentrate the energy on different parts of your body.

Feelings while doing it

When I’m focused on a light most of the time I feel some kind of pressure in my third eye chakra area, or a tingly sensation. Sometimes when the light dims I feel like my “brain” is also “dimming”. This might sound a bit weird but it’s like a little electrical shock. Sometimes when I go somewhere and there are some lights on, they suddenly start to dim or flicker even if I’m not trying to do it, so be aware that this could become annoying if you don’t have it fully under control.

Final thoughts

Well all I have to say is good luck to you all! If you are still having some doubts which I understand, just send me a profile message. Though I believe it will start to happen to all of you who are practising TK seriously, it’s something that happens instantaneously…

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