Introduction to Micro Psychokinesis

Article written by Anonymous, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

Psychokinesis, often called telekinesis, can be divided into two identical, yet different branches of practice – micro psychokinesis and macro psychokinesis. Macro PK is psychokinesis on a large scale; moving and sliding actual objects. Micro PK is usually more subtle and goes unnoticed most of the time. It is the ability to affect the outcome of probability. Judging by the title, the scope of this article shall only cover Micro PK so please bear with me.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

Micro PK seems to be much easier than Macro PK. In my six (and counting) years of experience with this skill, I have found it to be much more beneficial than Macro PK. You can’t really use Macro PK on a daily basis. I mean sure, it can be a neat skill to have and scare your friend’s half to death with causing their perception of reality to crumble. Just don’t expect to be lifting car 50 feet in the air. So what are the applications of Micro PK you ask? It can do a multitude of trendy things. Take for example a dice roll, when playing some sort of chance game and someone rolls a dice I usually have the temptation to cheat. Do not get confused that predicting an outcome of an event is totally different than manipulating it (although some people disagree). Predicting an event (future) is called precognition. Do not get confused about the two for scientist generally categorize each other under grouping.

No one knows how exactly Micro PK functions or operates. As for now Psionics still remains a para-science which means that it cannot be explained through mathematical or scientific means. This does not mean that it will not be proven in the future, it just means since there isn’t a logical explanation, it is simply regarded as “crap”. I know your thinking “crap” is a harsh word to describe it as but on the contrary; most of the scientists that were actually correct about their theories that had “outrageous” ideas and hypotheses were labeled as imprudent.

As for the whole “psi” thing, it also remains a theory. People think of psi as energy but truthfully no one can truly say what it is. Psi stands for that variable that is the unknown factor that causes telepathy, psychokinesis, psiballs, and etcetera.

Alright it’s time to get down to the grit. The first step is having confidence in yourself and your objective. Think not of uncertainty, just about your success that will soon come. When I fully believe that the outcome is going to happen, it does. Take for example a coin, how many outcomes are there when flipping a coin? There are actually three if you count it standing on its side which is somewhere near impossible to impractical to do unless you’re lucky or truly that advanced. To make it less complicated lets stick with two outcomes – heads and tails. Before you even start your experiment make a quick prediction how many times it will land on heads or tails out of six tosses. Done? Good. If you said heads and three tails then that would be the expected answer I would get. Well, you’re wrong. The reason being is because of a factor known as probability. It doesn’t have a pattern it follows. It is completely random. But what if you could manipulate probably? Then you could choose what could happen.

How To

First, pick your event or situation that you want to manipulate whether it be flipping a coin or affecting a number generator. After you have done that, picture the outcome of the situation exactly as you want it to happen. Do not cloud your mind with doubt because this will lead to your mind wondering off and leading to failure. How do you correct this? Get your subconscious mind to slow down its unnecessary thinking so that you can concentrate on telling it the outcome of your objective. Eventually, with enough effort and attention put forth, it will happen. Being passive or neutral has helped me in the past so hopefully it will work for you.

In conclusion, Micro PK is manipulating the outcome of an event. Micro PK could probably even affect stuff on a larger scale such as affecting someone thousands of miles away from you or changing the direction of a storm. I have never done something to this extent but I am sure it is possible. Heh, it should not be called “Micro PK” anymore if it can affect such large scale things. Okay, time for a brief overview of what we just discussed so allow me to spell it out for you:

Find your objective Think of it happening and nothing more Remain passive or neutral and just will it to happen Finally, enjoy the end result

This is indeed a nifty and great skill to learn. Just remember to practice on a daily basis and make sure you have fun with it and enjoy yourself while doing so. As the saying goes, “If you find a job you enjoy, you won’t work a day in your life.”

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