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Article written by Shadowarrior13 and Hech, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

So, you just found this wealth of information about Telepathy, tried it, and have no clue how to do any of it? No clue how to start out, really. Well, the problem with most people is that they overcomplicate things. The process, lightly described, is fairly simple. You basically visualize whatever it is you’re trying to do and, after awhile, your subconscious recognises what it is you’re trying to do. Once that’s done your subconscious starts to accomplish the task. Being picky with what you visualize is a good idea, because you want to send the right “command” to your sub-c. Here are some examples.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

Let’s say, for instance, you just want a basic telepathic send. This is the first thing, along with receiving, that you should attempt. You need to include several things: target, thought, and the send. Let’s say I’m sending “cheese” to the target, Joe. I would visualize Joe standing in a void and see the word, or actual object, cheese fly towards him and into his head. Sometimes it helped me to see a sudden look of realization appear on his or her face as he or she received the send. In the case that you do not know what the target looks like, do not worry about specifics. Simply visualize a floating silhouette that you recognise as your target. Lastly, be sure to always visualize seeing things in a first-person viewpoint. This is because you’re sending a message to your sub-c of what you are doing and want done. Third-person viewpoints do not work.

Receiving is another thing to try. To practice Telepathy there must always be two people, in this instance, the sender and the receiver. So as once person sends to you, simply close your eyes, clear your mind, and passively focus on their name or nick. As soon as a thought pops into your head, go with it – your first instinct is usually correct. You may even like to visualize a mist in which the thought will appear. Wait for the fruit, shape, color, etc. to slowly appear within the mist, allowing it to slowly materialize as your brain makes sense of the telepathic transmissions it’s receiving. It helps to have a list to choose from when starting out, whether a variety of fruits, colors, shapes, or numbers. Once you get better, you can try full thoughts.

You might be thinking, “But I’m just some average guy, I’m not telepathic, how do I start?!” The answer is simple, you just do. Practice these exercises with a partner over and over. After a few days or weeks, you’ll notice you will start getting them correct. Eventually you’ll recognise that what you’re accomplishing is Telepathy, not luck. From there, you’ve gotten your first footstep in a long path to becoming a true Telepath. Also keep in mind that it is not always the Receiver’s fault for getting the answer incorrect. It could be the Sender’s fault as well.

After you’re good at the simple game of Send/Receive, try actively taking the thought from your partner, who would simply think but not send the thought. As I said before, this is simply the first step in harnessing your Telepathic abilities. I really hope this helped to those who needed it. The key to learning Telepathy to any extent is motivation, willpower, and loads of practice.

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