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Article written by Float, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

I’ve been doing telekinesis for four years now, its been a long and confusing venture. When I was just starting out I was like many of you today, confused and not knowing where to start. When you first venture into telekinesis you find your-self searching for methods on the Internet all day, you want to find the best one. When you go around and ask people for that one method, a lot of times they will say something like “The best method is the one that works for you.” We have all heard this before, and that doesn’t answer our question.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

But actually, that is the right answer, the more you practice telekinesis the more methods you will come across, like the just do it method from Psipog written by NI, to the “blast an energy ball at it” methods over the net. Not every method you use will work. And there is no right or wrong method. For me, even to this day my methods change a lot. But I have found methods that work better than other ones. In this short paper I’ll try to list some of the methods that worked for me, there is no guarantee that they will work for all for you, or for any of you in that matter. But they worked for me and hopefully this paper will help some of you. Before I start listing and explaining the methods, lets go over the dangers of TK. Telekinesis as we all know is a physical skill, and is VERY dangerous if not practiced wisely. If at any point in time you feel sick, Stop! Believe it or not there have been deaths related to telekinesis, don’t become another one of those people, if you have an accelerated heart beat or any other kind of sickness, stop, get something to eat and chill for a bit. Now, on to what your reading this for….

The way I’m going to do this, is I’m going to list some methods, not all of the methods I’ve used but some that have worked better for me and explain em. Then later I’ll give you some tips to get you off on the right track. Please note that the first method in this article is the one I currently use, but I still experiment with it. (Just so there aren’t any questions about that) Get it? Got it? Good…

Information needed to do Method 1

Beginner Tactical Visualization

Okay, lets get to the point, shall we? If you are new to telekinesis, or if you are just reading this for a better insight on how I do my method, its important that you know how big of a roll tactical visualization plays in this method. Or better yet, how do use/do it. Basically, without this, this method really wouldn’t be this method. So, lets get started. What is tactical visualization? Tactile visualization is basically visualising with feelings, or recreating feelings. As an example, if you were creating a construct by normal visualizations, you would for instance imagine a pool of psi in your sternum area, and slowly move it up your chest, down your arms and into your hands, you would then proceed to pushing the energy out of your hands and forming a ball. But, if you were using tactical visualization, you would ‘feel’ the energy in your sternum area, and you would bring it up threw your chest, down your arms, into your hands, and form it into a ball, all by feeling it moving, rather than visualising it moving. An easy exercise to practice if you are a beginner in tactical visualization is to take your finer and lightly slide it across your arm, do this a few times until you can memorize the feeling. Then relax and recreate that same feeling on your arm without touching your arm with your finger. Try this a few times until you start to feel something, but don’t try to hard, you will get it eventually, its no race. Notice something? When you succeed you will notice that the feeling is not as strong as it was when you did it with your finger, this is completely normal, your not doing anything wrong. Practice this exercise a few times a day, try it will different parts of your body, and try to create that feeling from your elbow to the tips of your fingers, and from the tips of your fingers to your elbow. Feel it all around your arm, and engulfing your hand. For a further in-depth guide on tactical visualization check out “An Introduction to Tactical Visualization: By Spawn968” Which can be found at www.psipog.net

Beginner Sensitivity

Sensitivity, what is it? Sensitivity according to the America Heritage Dictionary is “1. Capable of perceiving. 2. Responsive to external conditions or stimulation.” In our case its basically just feeling your environment and getting more in touch with psychic energies. Rather than going really in-depth with sensitivity, I suggest you go read Gnome’s sensitivity manual, make sure you read that manual before you continue on with this article, otherwise you will most likely be really lost later on, and that wont help you much. In Gnome’s sensitivity Manual that you should have read (you DID read it right? J) he lists a lot of methods and ways to increase your sensitivity, and I would suggest practising them a decent amount. One exercise was to project your awareness outside of your body in front of you as if you were making a psiball. Here is where it gets semi complicated, I want you to project your awareness outside of your body like the above exercise, but stick your awareness inside of an object, any object will do, for instance, lets do it with your monitor, Project your awareness in the shape of a ball right outside of your body and slowly guide it into your monitor, when its inside your monitor expand it so it fills the whole thing and matches its-shape. Do you feel each corner of the monitor? The shape and density? Do you feel the texture of the monitor? Practice this exercise a few times a day on a variety of different exercises, for it is a key part in this method, and will come in really handy later on. After you have a hang of this exercise its time to move on to the second part of it. I want you to get an object, I guess the psiwheel in this case, set up the psiwheel and project your awareness into the wheel its self, not the tack. When you feel that you have a good feeling for the wheel, take your finger and spin it to the left, remember all those feelings it gave you when you spun it to the left. Now spin it to the right, do this a few times until you actually know what the psiwheel feels like when its spinning to the left or right.

Method 1. Moving the object (Sensitivity/Tactical visualization method)

Moving The Object

Okay, so we have learned about Tactical visualization and Sensitivity, your thinking, *what the F*** does this have to do with TK!?* Well, what does it have to do with TK? Hell if I know, probably nothing at all, but it’s a part of my method so, yeah.. On to HOW to move the object with this new found knowledge. Now hopefully you guys have done what I so nice fully asked of you, and you practiced projecting your awareness into the psiwheel and spun it a few times. So I’m expecting that you have some experience in this now, I also hope that you guys practiced your tactical visualization, if not, don’t even bother trying this because you will just be completely lost. For this method to actually work, you basically combine both Tactical visualization AND sensitivity, along with some other stuff. What I want you to do is to set up your psiwheel, before you do anything, I want you to charge your hands by starting at the elbow and slowly slide down into your hands. Now place your hands near the wheel, not to close, about six inches away on each side, or less, whatever Floats your boat (no pun intended) Now project your awareness into the wheel and feel it, just as you did on the exercises before (told you that you would be lost). Here is where it starts to get confusing, you now have your awareness in the wheel, and your hands charged. What I want you to do is to remember the feeling of the wheel spinning, either direction works. With this feeling in your mind, I want you to go back to your hand/hands and focus on it for a second, with the charged hand I want you to use tactical visualization to project the energy from your hand toward the psiwheel, at the same time, change the feeling of the wheel being stationary, to how it felt when it was spinning. I’ve thought about this many times over, and that’s the best I can explain it right now. This method may seem kind-of confusing right now, but trust me, try it for your-self, its a lot easier to do than it is to explain. Try it for yourself, experiment, change it around if you like, the more you practice the easier it will become, the steps you followed will become almost automatic with little concentration needed to be applied. Before you go run off and try it, I MUST warn you about the dangers of Telekinesis. Telekinesis is a physical skill, like jogging, you can jog a mile a day, and each month add on lets say, a quarter mile to your jogging distance, for the body can only take so much. You cant go from jogging a mile and a half a day, to jogging 10 miles a day, it just WONT work. Same applies for telekinesis, start with the wheel and work your way up, its no rush, take your time. Be very careful as well, listen to the signs to stop your body gives you, if you have an elevated heart rate, blur of sight, dizziness, nausea or any other symptoms STOP IMMEDIATLY! Go get something to drink and eat, and relax, fruits are wonders, as well as orange juice. There have been deaths related to telekinesis practice, so long as you practice smartly, and don’t go like 3 hours non stop, and listen for the signals your body gives you, you will be fine. I’m not trying to scare ya, telekinesis is really fun, you just have to be smart. Remember, its no rush.

Overview of Method 1

1. Direct your awareness into the psiwheel. 2. spin the psiwheel to the left and right. 3. remember the feelings/sensations it gives you. 4. using tactical visualization direct energy into your hand. 5. gently focus threw your hand toward the object. 6. change the feeling of the object from stationary, to how it felt when it was moving toward the right or left.

Method 2. Charging/Light pressure

To begin with, what is charging? Charging is when you signal your nerves to fire and generate more psi in a selected area. This can be done by sending the action to your hand to create a fist, then canceling that action right after, you do this over and over again and it will feel a little funny at first. Charging can be very useful if you need to generate a certain amount of psi fast and I’d suggest that you work on charging awhile before you move on, not that you are going to listen to me . You can also charge just about any part of your body, but avoid the head and spinal areas. You should work on charging your hands on a daily basis to get use to it, after awhile you wont have to do the signal cancellation technique anymore, and all you’ll have to do is basically just think about charging a certain part of your body, and it will do it. Before we get onto the actual method, I have to stress it again, if at any point in time you feel sick, STOP, please please PLEASE do not take this lightly, its very serious, you can seriously hurt your nervous system or die if you practice too hard, your body knows what’s best for you, listen to it.

Now, you all know what charging is, and have a general idea of how to move it, so lets get onto the movement of the object, once again go grab your psiwheel and set it in front of you. Place your hands near or around it and charge them, but make sure they aren’t to close to it, for those of you that do not want to use your hands, charge right slightly above the eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead, the third eye area for those of you that believe in chakras. For the time being, I want you to only focus on charging your hands or third eye, when you feel you have charged enough, very gently, think at a corner of the wheel, gently nudge it. But while you do this don’t lose focus on your charging, this is a very important part, remember it. This is so that you are focused on moving the wheel but all of your attention is not on it, telekinesis seems to work a lot better for people when less attention is on the object, or movement of the object.

Overview of Method 2

1. Learn/Practice charging. 2. Charge your hands or Third eye area’s. 3. Gently nudge the wheel into movement. 4. Continue to focus on both charging, and moving the object.

Method 3. Energy Projection

For this method, we are going to refer to the Psionic Social Club web site, which can be found at www.psc-online.org. In one of RainTurtles/Songs seminars she discusses holding both hands out in front of your face, and on your dominant hand hold/point at your non-dominant hand with your index finger. Tense your index finger to almost the point of it shaking, while doing this you imagine the finger being a laser beam and you draw a shape on your other hand. This is a very good exercise and was very helpful to me when I was using this method, for more info on the seminar, go read it on the site. I suggest practising that whenever you get a chance for its an important part in this method. Now, I want you to get your psiwheel once again or any other object of your choice, then tense your index finger and charge it or bring psi into it, either one works, but I my-self prefer charging it. Now point at the object and project a dense beam of psi from it toward the object, while you do this, focus strictly on projecting the beam towards the object, and pushing, but don’t actually focus on moving the object. That’s the confusing part about this method. Its quiet simple though, just takes some practice.

Overview of Method 3

1. Practice drawing shapes on your hand. 2. Charge or bring energy into your index finger. 3. Project a dense beam of energy towards the object. 4. Focus on projecting the beam and on pushing, but not on moving the object.

Method 4. Willing It

Willing an object to move is basically just thinking at the object, or mentally pushing/pulling it. I’ll bet about half of you reading this, that have practiced TK before, have all tried or done this method. Its one that’s very simple because all you do basically is just look at something, and kind of force it to move by thought alone. Go grab your object and take a seat, just to go over some of the simple precautions again, make sure your room is free from drafts, and it will give you some time to your-self for a few minutes. Set up your object, I guess for most of you this will be the psi-wheel. Now glance over at one corner of the wheel, mentally push it, don’t imagine it moving, just push it. Same goes for pulling it, just mentally pull it in the desired direction. There isn’t much to this method, its mostly self explanatory.

Overview of method 4

1. Set up your object in a quiet, draft free environment. 2. Relax and glance at a corner of the wheel. 2. Mentally push or pull on the corner.

Tips/Final words

While you practice telekinesis you will come across a lot of different methods created by people, My advice in that field is once you are having success with one method, don’t go running off to change it. There is no such thing as the best method, there isn’t one method that will give you ultimate success. Now a days I see a lot of beginners looking for the easiest object to move, what’s the point? I see a lot of people get stuck on the wheel these days, mostly because people feel that they want to ‘master’ the psiwheel before moving on, this is not true. You will gain more control over the psiwheel when you move onto other objects. After you can move the psiwheel decently, try an empty soda can, practice with it for awhile until you achieve success. An empty soda can is a hell of a lot easier than a pencil, and harder than a psiwheel, so its right in the middle, it’s a far better idea to move onto something like that, then it is to go around trying to spin this balanced, and that balanced. Once you can move a soda can, or a pencil, you will achieve far more control over the psiwheel. As far as practice time goes, I would suggest 30 – 40 minutes a day, every day, with breaks in-between, Like a break every 15 minutes. But that’s just me, you can go on your own schedule, but DON’T over do it, you don’t want to hurt yourself. I hope you all continue to practice TK and get better, remember to take your time, you don’t want to hurt your-self, its not a rush.   Well I think that just about covers it.. Until next time.


“There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply.” – Josh Billings

“What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.” – Isadora Duncan

“Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again.” – Andre Gide

“Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” – Pete Seeger

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