Field Refinement

Article written by Archaic, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

In this article one will learn how to ground, center, and clean their field. It seems people just don’t realize how much this could help them with their practices, nor do they apparently know how to do it and well, I’m here to put an end to that. (At least the how-to part anyway.)


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive


Refinement- The act of refining; an improvement or elaboration. Grounding- A psychicic term for releasing energy into the ground and surrounding area; filtering out and exchanging energy. Centering- A center point of concentration and focus, free of negative energy. Field Cleansing- Term meaning to clean one’s field of all negative and ambient energy.

Where to start?

How about we start with some rhythmic breathing? As you will see in this method, it helps to breath rhythmically, and as you delve deeper into psychics, you may find that it helps to incorporate rhythmic breathing into your practice and methods, as well as general life. Why? Because rhythmic breathing helps you to become one with the flow of energy in the Universe, and calms your heartbeat and bodily systems. Okay, now you’re probably wondering “How do I do all this?” For this method, I ask for a simple breath in for 4 seconds, pause for 2, breath out for 8, pause for 2, breath in for 4, pause 2, out 8, pause 2, so on and so forth. Doing this helps oxygen get transferred to your muscles, brings you back to your own natural rhythm, thus relaxation and a slight change in thought process. Note: Before moving on, I suggest you practice and get used to breathing rhythmically, so your mind isn’t focusing completely on the breathing, and instead feels natural, so the task at hand can be completed easier.

A little advice before we get too far into this: When doing this method, or anything in psychics for that matter, one may find that it helps to focus on the intent and purpose of what you are doing and then releasing it into the task at hand. Doing this seems to imprint the energy onto the mental and celestial spheres, not just the physical.

Let’s move on, shall we? At this point, I assume you are used to breathing in the above rhythm and are ready to move on to grounding and cleansing. To start, get in a relaxed position, whether it be sitting upright in a comfortable chair/couch, laying down, or even standing. As long as you’re comfortable and won’t be interrupted, it’s all good. So now that you’re in a chair and relaxed, clear your mind, and start the rhythmic breathing. The rhythmic breathing will help with the relaxation, clearing mind, and focusing. What a combo, ‘eh? Take a minute to focus on what you’re feeling in and around you, and try and feel for all that ambient energy. Simply see and feel this energy draining down you and emptying out into the ground and universe. If done correctly, this drains all that loose and used up energy out of your field and you.

If you lose focus or find your mind wondering, simply concentrate on the rhythmic breathing. You should be doing this at ALL times during this method, and gently bring your mind back to focus. As long as you are still focused we can move on.

For the harder, more stuck-in energy after the loosened energy is dumped:

  • In your center, in the middle of you stomach, visualize a white, vibrant, and pure energy.
  • Feel this energy, see it knocking away all the black, negative, and ambient energy that is stuck in your field.
  • Use your rhythmic breathing to help this energy grow throughout your body. Do so by visualising the energy growing when your breath in for that four seconds, and expanding when you breath out for the eight seconds (don’t forget your 2 second pauses in-between).
  • Do this until this white, vibrating, pure energy has completely filled your body, “see” your skin and body shining and vibrating with this pure energy.
  • Now, with the breathing, allow the energy to build up then expand out into your field, build then expand, build then expand, and so on, until your whole field is full with this pure energy.
  • Remember what this energy is doing, see the energy doing so (knocking out all the stuck negative energy, thoughtforms, etc.)
  • Now see the pure energy absorbing the stuck energy, thought forms, and field annoyances, thus purifying them to an extent, but completely removing them from you and your field.
  • Picture a bathtub full of water and it’s time to pull the plug, remember what it looked like; seeing the water drain out of a tub making a little twister above the drain hole.
  • Do just that with your field, see a tube connecting from the bottom of your field to the center of the earth and pull the plug. Allowing all that energy you are filled with to just drain out into the earth, see it, feel it, let it happen.
  • When the last bit of energy is drained out see the tube connected to your field follow the energy down into the center of the earth.

When/Why do this?

I prefer to do this right after I get out of the shower, before bed. This way you will have not only freshened up physically but mentally and celestially too. Hell, it wouldn’t even matter if you did it in the shower (preferably sitting down so you don’t fall over), and any other place where you won’t be disturbed and is a place where you can relax, obviously don’t do this while driving or operating any other mechanical devices. Reasons for doing this are, but not limited to, easier sending and receiving, better energy flow, helps for elimination of AOL, and cleans out that nasty, all cluttered up, negative influential field. Besides, nobody wants to see and or feel a nasty field.


This whole method pretty much did a three in one, it grounded, cleansed your field, and centered you, pretty amazing, eh? How did it center, you ask? Well, during this whole process you have been relaxing yourself more and more while doing the rhythmic breathing, and with the method, got your mind to focus on one thing (cleansing your field), WHILE removing all ambient and negative energy, thought forms, and other field annoyances out of your field, thus allowing you to be yourself, in your own mind.

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