Detailed Psiball Creation

Article written by Hech, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance you are a beginner. At this point, you may not even be certain that you believe all this “energy stuff”. My opinion is simple: give it a shot. Read through this and truly go for it. Give it at least two weeks of daily practice. Chances are, you’ll get some results by the end of those two weeks. When you finally make your first psiball, the excitement you get makes it feel like you’ve just created a cure for the common cold. You’ll be so amazed that you were able to do it, and even more so amazed that it’s actually true. But keep in mind: results come from practice. You can’t expect to make your first psiball without having practiced for anymore than 10 seconds. I expect you to sit down in a quiet place, relax, clear your head, and then attempt psiball creation for at least fifteen minutes every day. But believe me when I tell you, the practice more than pays off at the end.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

If you’re wondering why you should make psiballs and what energy can do, that won’t be covered here. This article isn’t here to tell you about energy manipulation or telepathy, or anything in psychics for that matter. Instead, this article is simply here to tell you how to make a psiball.

– Psionics: the practice of psi; includes: telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, energy manipulation, telekinesis, etc. – – Psiball creation: the main starting point or building block of psychics; the place where all beginners should start – – Psiball: a ball of psi “energy” –

Visualization — The First and Most Important Step

What is visualization? It is the very first step of all psychics, and required in almost everything we do. Our subconscious mind is the part of our body that actually initiates the psychicic act. To make it simpler to understand, find a ball (or anything to toss: paperclip, pencil, etc.). Now take this ball in your hand, toss it into the air, and catch it. There, just then your conscious mind didn’t calculate all the important information required to do what you just did. To you, that seemed like a simple task. But think of what your subconscious did. First it had to calculate the weight of the object. Then it had to take wind (or lack thereof) into consideration. Then comes one of the hardest steps, your subconscious had to decide which muscles to tighten and which muscles to relax to be able to make the action of tossing the object into the air. Once it has decided which muscles to use, it fired the nerve impulses to do so. Then it had to use the previous information of weight and wind to calculate how long until the object would fall (after accessing your memory banks and remembering the fall velocity of such an object). After this was done, it fired nerve impulses again and……well, you get the point by now. All in a few seconds, your subconscious did a lot that you didn’t consciously think of. Even while you’re seemingly doing nothing, your subconscious is at work regulating your body (keeping you balanced, keeping your heart beating, etc.).

So how does that relate to psiballs? Well, just as you have involuntary muscles, psychics works the same way (involuntary). This means that you have to somehow make something that is subconsciously controlled (involuntary) become consciously controlled (voluntary – to an extent-). Visualization is the key. It is how you get your goal (in this case, making a psiball) from your conscious mind, to your subconscious mind. This means that in most cases (especially in beginners) it is impossible to create a psiball without some form of visualization.

What is visualization? It is picturing or feeling something in your mind’s eye. Detailed and intense daydreaming is a form of simple visualization. There are two forms of the said visualization: Tactile and Visual. In the visual visualization method, you would picture your goal in your mind. You would close your eyes and “see” yourself in your mind. You would then “see/visualize/imagine” what you want to happen. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that when you are using Visual Visualization, you MUST visualize in first-person. Right now, as you’re reading this, you are seeing from your eyes. This is called “first-person”. If you were to somehow leave your body and look back at yourself, that perspective is what would be called “third-person”. It is natural when a person visualizes to do so in a third-person mode, however, it will not work nearly as well as if you were to train yourself to visualize in a first-person mode. Yes, it does take quite a getting used to (to be able to visualize in first-person), but it also will work ten times better than visualising in third-person. In some cases, visualising in third-person will not even work at all. Moving on, in the tactile visualization method, you would use your other four senses (mainly touch). In the visual visualization, you use the sense of sight and “see” things happening in your mind, but in tactile visualization, you use the sense of touch to “feel” things happening.

To use an example, lets say you wanted to form energy in your stomach and have it move up into your head. If you were using the Visual Visualization method, you would first relax and close your eyes. Then you would imagine (or visualize) energy forming in your stomach. Then you would visualize it moving up and into your head. But if you were using the Tactile Visualization method, you would first relax and close your eyes. But then you would not use visual stimuli. Instead, you would “feel” energy forming in your stomach. You can feel it as warmth, electricity, coldness, pressure, etc. (anything that means “energy” to your mind). You would then proceed to “feeling” this energy up through your body and into your head. Along with “feeling” the energy, you can also “smell” it (as whatever you think energy would smell like) and “hear” it (as whatever you think energy would sound like: crackling, steaming, etc.).

I like to use both visual and tactile methods simultaneously (I see the energy, but I also feel it); however, most of the time that I want to make a psiball, I can simply “will” it to form. As mentioned before, visualization is simply a way to get the thought from conscious to subconscious. Because I am so experienced, I can simply go straight from conscious to subconscious (skipping the visualization part). Going back to the example used previously of throwing a ball and then catching it: do you visualize your muscles relaxing and tensing, and brain stimuli being sent? No, you simply think about throwing the ball and “just do it”. There’s no way to explain how you do it, you just “do”. For me, psychics is beginning to work the same way. When you get more experienced, you can begin to “just make” the psiball, instead of having to visualize it happening. For now, you should stick with visualization and don’t even let the word “shortcut” enter your mind. But later, when you’re more experienced (months and months from now), you will notice psiball creation happening more and more naturally.

Is Imagining Enough?

Is purely “imagining” your goal enough? No. I cannot stress that enough. If one simply “imagines” their goal (either through visual or tactile means) it is pure daydreaming. You can daydream about making a psiball all day and I guarantee you, it won’t happen. So what is the difference between true visualization and imagining (a daydream)? Two simple, yet powerful words: Will and Intent. Add your “will/intent” to a daydream, and you get true visualization. A little confused? I’ll try to explain it. Lets use the example of creating energy in your stomach and moving it to your head. If you were to simply imagine the energy forming in your stomach and moving to your head, nothing will happen. It is daydreaming and imagination, not true visualization. However, if you were to sit down and think over your goal first; think to yourself, “I will create energy in my stomach and move it to my head now.” Then, begin imagining it, but also “willing” it to happen. That would be true visualization. It is hard to describe the feeling, but you need to get your “intent” across (to your subconscious mind). This is true key. To move that energy, you have to visualize it happening, and “know” that it will happen. Intend for it to happen and then do it.

To try to break it down more simply: Sit down and think over your goal (in this case, it will be creating a psiball). Think about why you want to do it, whether because it’s just “cool”, because you want to explore new areas of science, or because you want to learn energy manipulation, telepathy, etc. and this is the starting point to that. Then tell yourself that you’re going to do it, and truly believe in yourself. Tell yourself, “I will now create a psiball in my hands”. If you want to go into detail about it, go ahead. It can help to say it aloud as well. Next, pick your visualization method. Some are better at visual, some at tactile, others at both. Once you can create a psiball you’ll have to experiment on which of the three methods work best for you. After you have your method picked, think about how you’re going to visualize it. How you will see the energy, how you will feel the energy, etc. Then close your eyes (or if you prefer them open, that’s fine; closed eyes helps most people focus, not all) and begin to visualize. Not only should you visualize what you’re supposed to (covered in the next section: “How-To: Psiball Creation”) but also “will” and “intend” for it to happen. “Know” in your mind that you are forming a psiball. This is the jist of true visualization (visualising it happening, and willing it to do so).

How-To: Psiball Creation

Finally, we’re here! Now that we’ve covered all the necessary things and you know how to visualize, we can move on to actually creating your very first psiball. This will be very easy for me to explain now that we have a firm understanding of what real visualization is and how to do it. You begin by going through the steps mentioned in the last paragraph of the above section (“Is Pure Visualization Enough?”). Sit down and go through the steps of affirming your goal and “knowing” that you will accomplish it. It may also help to do a minor meditation and/or trance (not covered in this article), but it is not required. Even simpler, just try counting down from twenty to zero. Focusing on the numbers and nothing else (this is a form of extremely light meditation). Whatever you choose (meditation, trance, both, or none), when you’re ready, begin. With your eyes open or closed (whichever is better for focusing), begin to visualize energy forming in your stomach. Visualize the energy becoming denser and stronger. “See” or “feel” it becoming powerful. After you do this for one or two minutes, we’ll move on.

Begin to visualize a stream of energy coming out of the pool of limitless and powerful energy in your stomach. Visualize the stream coming up your body and to your shoulders. At the shoulders, visualize the stream splitting into two and moving down your arms and into your hands. Then visualize the two streams coming out of your hands and meeting to form a ball in-between your hands. To sum it up: you should be visualising a powerful pool of limitless energy in your stomach with a constant stream of energy coming out of it, up your body, down your arms, into and out of your hands, and into a ball. You should be holding your hands in a cupped shape, palms and fingers facing (but not touching) each other. There should be a space in-between your hands that are about the size of a softball (bigger for big hands, smaller for small hands). This is where the energy will merge and form into a ball. Continue to visualize the energy moving from your stomach and pooling into a ball in your hands. Do this for a few minutes. If you start to feel pressure, tingling, heat, cold, change in air density, etc. then chances are you’ve made a psiball (albeit a weak one).

If you don’t feel anything then you still may have made a psiball, but are not sensitive enough to feel it yet. And then of course, if you feel nothing you may not have made one at all. Keep practising and do this at least five times a day, every day. Almost everyone I’ve talked to has made a psiball within a time span of one week. For some people it can take around two weeks (like me, for example). On a very rare occasion, it will take longer. Remember, everyone is different and progresses at different paces. The reason you don’t have the skill immediately is because your subconscious has to actually figure out how to make the psiball. Once that’s done, it’s simply a matter of communicating your intent from your conscious mind to your subconscious. As stated previously, there is also a chance you did create a psiball, but were not yet sensitive enough to feel it. No worries, the sensitivity comes with practice as well. Overall, everyone should get results of creating and feeling a psiball within a month (as long as you practice diligently).

One tip to finish this section off: Make your visualizations vivid. A few ideas that people like to use for visually visualising their energy are: bright bluish lighting, fiery flames, red-hot lava, etc. I personally like to visualize my energy as a greenish substance. When I have my energy move from my stomach to my hands, I like to visualize it traveling in a double helix pattern. The reason being: (1.) because it holds my attention better and (2.) because, for some reason, a double helix means “movement” to my mind. It works for me and may work for you. But remember, what works for one person may not necessarily work for the other. Feel free to find what works best for you. Use whatever works, whether it is a ridiculous visualization or not. One example of a ridiculous visualization that worked well for me is to visualize the pool of energy in your stomach as a huge mass of water. Then I visualized the stream of energy as a hose that came all the way from my stomach to my hands. I then visualized the water in my stomach traveling through the garden hose and pouring into a ball in-between my hands. Once it reached the ball, the water would freeze into ice. After that I just kept adding more and more water from the pool, through the hose, into the iceball. Moral of the story: What means “energy” to you? Fire? Water? Something else that exists only in your imagination? What does it look, feel, even smell like? Then use that for your visualization and make it as vivid and real as you possibly can.

How-To: Psiball Destruction

Well we’ve done it; we’ve made the psiball! But how do we get rid of it now? As you may have noticed already, when you “let go” and stop concentrating on your psiball, it will naturally dissipate and fade away (rather quickly I might add). This means that when you’re done with your psiball, just stop concentrating and “let go” and you’ll have effectively rid yourself of it.

There is a way to make your psiballs last. This is through means of something called “programming”. If you program your construct to hold itself together (for however long or until you command it otherwise) it will do just that. Like all things, the programming will eventually deteriorate and the construct will “die out”. The length of time for which your programming will last all depends on your level of skill. I have had psiballs last for more than six months. Yes, you read right: I have had psiballs last for more than six months. However, programming is slightly more advanced so for now, worry about actually making the psiball. Once you’re done, read an article on programming and practice that.

You’ll be amazing at all the things you can program your psiballs to do. A programmed psiball is called a “construct”. Constructs come in all shapes and sizes. A friend of mine made a huge shell construct around his house to keep out all bad psi energies (people were sending him psi-junk). However, I’ll leave the rest of this discussion for another article. For now, simply stop focusing on your psiball and it will dissipate into nothingness.


That sums up Psiball Creation, the building block of all psychics. The main point of a psiball is to get your body used to manipulating psi energy. From there, you can move onto programming psiballs, telepathy, telekinesis, or any other psychicic skill that meets your fancy. Just remember to work at it, you won’t get anywhere without practice. I have talked to people in the chat complaining about how they can’t make a psiball. I then ask them how long they’ve been practising and the usual response is: “a few days”. I then ask how many times they attempt to make a psiball each day and the usual response is: “about one or two times per day”. If you work like that, you won’t get anywhere. You have to sit down and really practice a few times per day. You also have to give it a few weeks, not a few days. Once you learn the psiball and get fairly good at it, you can move on. Something you’ll notice in psychics is that the learning curve is very steep. The more you learn, the faster you’ll learn. This is because your body and mind become more and more accustomed to manipulating and using psi. Feel free to ask me any questions in the chat room or PM (Private Message) me in the forums. Now go out, have fun, and remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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  1. I find my energy by standing barefoot on mother-earth, and letting the energy from her go through my body into my hands. Works great for me, i’ve been doing it for years. It energizes me also.

    by Audrae Tucker / August 20th 2009