An Introduction to Remote Touch

Article written by Jonn, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

Remote touching (RT) is the ability to produce physical sensations without physical interaction. Most people are able to produce tingling sensation on their targets when they use RT, but the ability is not only limited to this. I remember my first experience (and an useful and fun thing to do): the “psi-hug.” As weird as it may sound, it is very useful and in my experience, it produces similar physiological affects as in a real (physical) hug. Since I spend a lot time at my computer on a daily basis, this ability has been very useful. You will not be able to shake hands with your friend in Australia when you live in the United States. Or hug your friend who lives in Japan while you reside in Puerto Rico; this is why remote touching is very useful. I most often use remote touch to keep my friends close even when in reality  their far away, or rather, not close enough for me to get to them at that time physically. Sometimes when a person is sad I use it to “hug” the person to make him/her feel better.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

Remote touch can also be used to alert/communicate with people. Simply use remote touch to get their attention or make them alert, then telepathically send them a simple message. Depending on the person, such as in how sensitive or receptive they are to telepathic messages or psi in general, they will get the message, or it will go unnoticed; or just simply be ignored.Most people by now are probably wonder how exactly to do it. Well, here is the method I use. To easier explain my method I will use an example:

You are using your computer to talk to your friend Karl. But Karl doesn’t seem to be responding to your messages, the television distracted him and he just so happened to forget about you and the computer for a while. So, what now? I start off by relaxing my mind and body. I suggest using your favorite method to get relaxed. Personally, I close my eyes and count from 1-20 backwards while counting one on the inhale, and two on the exhale, etc… While I do this, I visualize an image, doesn’t matter which, as detailed as I can to both relax my mind, and eliminate any surface thoughts, while maintain a focused state of mind.

Here is where the fun begins. I tap my own shoulder to become familiar with the sensations it causes (I.e. Pressure, warmth, roughness, softness) basically how it feels to get tapped on the shoulder. This, by using tactical visualization, allows be to reproduce the feeling, without the initial tap.

From here I proceed to “link” to the area of the person I am trying remotely to Touch In this example, Karl’s shoulder. I use the link for focusing on the desired location. After linking to Karl’s shoulder, I visualize myself tapping his shoulder whole at the same time reproducing the feeling of been tapped. I send this simultaneously through the link.

To summarize the methd

Relax, acquire the sensations that will later be recreated, link, send the desired feeling, use visualization to aid you in the sen.

At first, you may not be able to produce the desired effects on the target, but with practice everything is possible. I began to see the real effects of this skill after a few months of practice, so my recommendation would be to practice it as you would practice any other psychicic skill. I mentioned how to do it, but, how exactly can you practice it? A good way to practice it is to find a partner and tap different parts of the body. This can benefit both practitioners because while the remote “touchier” gets better at it, the other person gets better at sensitivity. As you can see, remote touching is not just a fun skill to learn but something useful. I hope you enjoy this skill as much as I do. Remember, practice makes perfect so I encourage you to practice. I hope this article helps everyone to understand a bit more of this skill and hopefully learn it.

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