Advanced Energy Manipulation and Programming

Article written by Hech, re-published from the United Psionics Club, permission granted by Float, UPC administrator.

Advanced Energy Manipulation and Programming requires a deep skill in trancing, sensitivity, and energy manipulation. It is a priceless skill, however, and can easily be applied to many other skills, such as Crowd Control (via Telepathic/Empathic Suggestion). To understand and accomplish this, you first need knowledge of how energy patterns work with programming. You can find this information in my Basic Energy Programming article. From here, we expand. As a side note, Advanced Energy Manipulation and Programming is also known as: Psychoenergetics.


United Psionics Club Archive

United Psionics Club Archive

Seeing the Patterns

The first step is to enter a heavy trance. When I say heavy, I mean as deep as you can go without falling asleep completely. Next, you have to expand your “vision” and sense out around you to begin feeling the vibrations of ambient energy. The goal here is to combine effectively your real vision with your psychic sight (the “eyes” that you use when you scan energy). Once this is done, you may begin to “see” patterns of energy flowing off everyone and everything. All these pattern waves are different, yet simple. However, when one person walks into a room (or even more effective, walks into the vicinity of another person) his or her pattern begins affecting the other patterns. It creates a complex wave of interaction in which every minor thing affects something else, causing an infinitely complex domino effect.

Theories of how Natural Empathy works can relate to these patterns; one human’s EMF (Electromagnetic Field) will effect another’s in a very subtle or drastic way. For this example, we will call the original person: Person A. We will call the person who is being effected: Person B. If Person B’s subconscious is sensitive enough to pick up on Person A’s distortion, Person B’s subconscious will duplicate it within his mind and body. This will cause the Person B to actually feel what Person A is feeling. Thus, Natural Empathy occurs. The size, energy strength, will power, and pattern of the person’s EMF all play a role in how it will effect the world around it.

Once you begin to “see” these patterns in your heavy trance state, you’re on your way to entering a PIM (Pattern Interpretation Mind State). The next step is to learn, to some extent, how these patterns work.

Effecting the Patterns

Now that we can sense these patterns, we must begin experimentation with them. Once again, you must enter a heavy trance. Then, expand your sight once more to see these patterns effecting the world around you. Start simple for now, so only view the area that is approx. ten feet out from you in all directions. Begin to see the energy pattern waves flowing all around you. See your field and it’s unique pattern, and see how its pattern effects all the patterns nearest it, and how those patterns in-turn effect other patterns, and so on. Meditate deeply on this; it can be quite relaxing and, at the same time, very interesting.

Now we need to begin effecting these waves of complexity. Start by creating a simple psiball, then shell it. Once this is done, move it slowly around the ten foot area. Watch as the pattern within the psiball’s shell (the programming) begins effecting the ambient patterns in the room. Watch as, when the psiball touches your field, it effects that portion of your field ever so slightly. Next, bring the psiball back and program the psiball itself to emit a certain pattern wave (of your choosing). This pattern can be drastic or subtle, fast or sluggish. Then, set it loose in the same ten-foot area. Watch as the emitted pattern changes the pattern that flows through the room. Watch as it also changes the smaller patterns surrounding each object. Look the objects that are handled a lot or that you have emotional attachment to. Notice how they emit odd patterns of their own.

As a last step for this exercise, we will use our field as the manipulator. Begin by destroying the psiball and meditating on the patterns of the ten-foot area once more. Then, put about 75% focus directly on your field, and feel it as just another extension of your body (after all, that’s what it is). After you have a firm grip on your field along with a strong focus of the energetic area around you, begin forming an intent. The intent to cause a wave of cause-and-effect (the butterfly effect) in a certain point of the room. From here, extend your field and intent outward to this point, and will that spot to do as you forethought. The patterns in the room should begin changing in a subtle way, effecting each other by a butterfly effect caused simply by the extension of your field coupled with your will. If you have begun to understand how these patterns work, then the state you are in is what I call the PIM (Pattern Interpretation Mindstate).

Advanced Manipulation – Manual Empathy – Crowd Control

Now, from this complex state of mind, attempt to create a construct. Because of the PIM you are in (of seeing and effecting these energy patterns), you will be able to create constructs much faster and more complex than ever before. If you have done all that has been mentioned successfully, you should be able to create multiple constructs at a time of varying complexity and strength. This, in and of itself, is well worth the practice you went through to get here.

From here, try an RP (Remote Presence) to someplace within ten feet of your body. Slowly move around and manually change these patterns. Once you are done with this, walk out of this ten-foot range and find a person. Watch as their field effects those around them. After this you should be fairly “warmed-up” and ready for something more challenging. Powerfully emit a very slow and sluggish pattern at the target person you were previously watching, and see how their field changes subtly to this emitted wave. However, because they are emitting their own waves of interaction, their EMF will not allow any more than a subtle difference. To overcome this, push this wave out even more powerfully, at a constant rate. You will notice that their EMF will soon change much more drastically. It will begin duplicating the wave you sent out and, eventually, it will emit this new wave by itself. From here, this person will begin to act differently. Their mood will change to something more sluggish and sleepy, or maybe more calm and relaxed. Perhaps this person will begin feeling sad, it depends on what type of “sluggish pattern” you emitted (thus the need for experimentation). For those Elementalist practitioners, I’m sure you can see a resemblance here to filling a room with a certain “element”.

Eventually, after a few minutes or hours (depending on the person), their EMF will return to normal. The applications to this skill does not stop here, however. You can use this knowledge in what I call Manual Empathy to block out certain waves of anger. For example, when a person becomes greatly angered, waves upon waves of powerful, pulsating patterns are emitted from their EMF. These patterns are what causes the air around an angry person to feel somehow “thick”. You can emit something called a counter-pattern (a pattern that is the exact opposite) to cancel out the angry pattern. You can also program your Empathy Shields to hold many of these counter-patterns within them. Then when the shield is hit with a certain emotion, the counter-pattern is emitted to nullify the unwanted pattern wave.

From here, I think it is time to discuss various applications for Crowd Control. We previously discussed effecting a person through wave interaction, and the same thing can be done on a larger scale. Emitting a certain pattern into a room and causing it to hold there is a certain form of Crowd Control. This pattern, depending on your method of creation, may look or be much like a Thought-Form. Reasons of application are obvious. For one example, say you have in important business meeting in which you want to sell a product or idea to someone. Fill the room with a pattern/thoughtform that will effect the EMF of everyone within that room. The effect you wish for is obvious, something to make the people more calm, relaxed, and open to new ideas. I’ll leave the rest of the brainstorming up to you.

Advanced Programming

Now, we all realize that the programming of a construct is actually just that construct having a pattern to it. And this pattern is what causes the energy to behave in certain ways, essentially causing the energy to carry out any programming commands that was given it. Most of the time that we program, we simply state our will to our subconscious mind by means of visualization or command repitition. From there, our subconscious is the one who patterns the construct. It is a good thing that this is the way things are too, because there is no way on earth any conscious mind could remember the millions of patterns, the millions of different ways each pattern effects the other patterns, and the millions of ways these pattern combinations work together. This is also the reason programming skill increases exponentially (if a steady practice regime is in place), the more you learn, the more you subconscious understands each pattern and the quicker it can interpret the others. Now, however great it is that patterns of energy takes place subconsciously, it can be even greater if done somewhat consciously. This is where all the aforementioned topics of this article come into play; all that skill and experience in consciously effecting patterns (though fantastic in and of itself, giving you the ability to program and manipulate faster as well as the application to Empathy) is needed in Advanced Programming.

To begin advanced programming, you must once again reach the PIM. This is obviously done by entering a deep trance and then meditating on the patterns around you, as done before. Once in the Pattern Interpretation Mindstate, create a construct with some sort of program (just make sure that this program is much more complex then a simple “hold together”). Observe the pattern of this construct and meditate on it for a few minutes. Next, destroy the construct and move on to the next step. Begin pooling a mass of energy in front of you, it is easier (for now) to work an a larger amount of energy. Make sure that the energy is dense however, we do not wish to trade size for density. Next, you have to do something that will possibly be very hard, all at once. What we want to do here is manually insert a few simple patterns into the energy at once and have them affect each other. When three patterns effect each other, a more complex pattern is created. When four patterns effect each other, something extremely complex is created, and so on. So what we want to do is insert a few simple patterns into the energy and have the ending result be the construct that we previously programmed and destroyed.

This manual method of programming is extremely difficult, perhaps the hardest part is actually understanding what to do. It is hard, at first, to know what patterns to combine. Most likely you’ll find yourself sitting there, clueless. However, this manual method has many, many benefits. The first, most obvious benefit, is the speed and simplicity of programming (once you get the method down). You can combat that with, “I can get just as fast with my normal method of programming”. But, with this method you can program quite a number of constructs at once, spreading your pattern emission wave over a wide range. That can also be combated, so the question remains: why use this method? Self-Defense is one, very pertinent, answer. When struggling to interpret the programming of an attacking construct, you can simply enter the PIM and see through all the mechanisms that hide the programming and sig. From there, it is quite easy to insert your own patterns into the construct and bypass any resistance to re-programming. When in the PIM, you get down to the very base of programming and can see the mechanisms that make the construct function, allowing you to bypass anything that previously prevented your mental “hack” into the construct. This enables you to more easily destroy the program function that is harming you. When performing manual programming such as this, you become fluent in understanding and manipulating patterns, allowing your programming skills to improve more than previously imagined. This also improves the ability to shield against incoming attacks with more proficiency.

There is one last method of Advanced Programming that takes place in the Pattern Interpretation Mindstate. This obviously includes manual manipulation as well, and actually builds upon the previous method (making this one slightly more difficult). The purpose of this method of programming is to make the construct more efficient, and to drastically cut down on any program corruption. This also allows for more efficient dormant programs, that only “kick in” once a certain circumstance comes into play. You begin by entering the PIM and pooling a mass of energy in front of you. Next, you take the patterns that you would normally combine, and contain them inside a shell. You then insert these into the energy mass. From here, you would form everything into a more economical shape (shelling the energy mass and making is smaller, arranging the shelled patterns so they aren’t simply floating around inside aimlessly, etc.). Also, as a side note, make sure that the shells of the patterns have an anti-pattern within them, this way the pattern within the shell does not effect the shell and cause a horrible mess of corruption. Next, you want to program these shells to release and re-contain these patterns when certain things take place. This makes the construct quite versatile.

Basically what happens is the construct goes about its task, then when something happens that causes the shell to release another pattern, the construct is re-programmed and does whatever its new program tells it to do (as a result of whatever activated the pattern’s release from the shell). Holding these patterns separately within the construct until needed cuts down on any corruption that might come from all of the patterns being mixed in what would be an over-programmed construct. Once a pattern is released it can change the entire nature of the construct, or only effect it on a small scale, depending. For those who have read my Core Construction Manual, the concept is very much the same. The construct itself operates like a team of smaller applications, much like a human cell.


Overall, even if you choose not to do these methods of Advanced Programming, through entering the PIM your Energy Manipulation skill will increase. This includes your skills in programming. Not only will entering the PIM allow you a much greater skill in Energy Manipulation, but it also allows for forms of Crowd Control and Manual Empathy. The skills in this Manual Empathy can also, as previously stated, be used to create more efficient shielding. And on the topic of shielding, through this newfound knowledge in patterns, your self-defense should improve as well. Overall, I hope this article has given you a few things:

  1. An overall improved understanding of how programming works
  2. A vast improvement in your Energy Manipulation skills through PIMs
  3. A skill in Crowd Control and Manual Empathy
  4. More effective shielding

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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to know whether you know any method to destroy a programmed psyball. I had one psyball at the top of my head. It looks like a crown chakra, but my experiences tells me it is not that but a programmed mass of energy, which has brought about severe mental distress and physical discomfort. It has certain capabtlities, such as: changing people´s attitude, nightmares, insomnia, demonic rains, traffic jams and many other things to slow me down. I was wondering whether you know of any method i could use to destroy this ball. I was given a blasting gliph by a magician, the gliph worked for the macrocosmic part but i am still fighting to destroy the microcosmic part. I managed to destroy the larger part which was like a hurricane on my brain which didn´t allow me to think str8t on anything, because i would sweep me away. Do you know what can be done to deprogram the ball and destroy it?

    by roberto / May 1st 2009

  2. Energy can not be destroyed, but reprogrammed. Remember the basic rule: “energy follow thoughts” – just reprogram the psiball, visualize the energy coming out of it through your body, down into the ground – it will be a form of grounding, in which you will return the energy back to it’s source – nature. Et voila, nothing to fancy ;). And for the future – your chakras are not the place to place any energy construct near :P

    by Tassadar / May 1st 2009