You will not learn psychic powers

Few days ago I wrote an entry talking when you will learn psychic powers. It is time now to tell you, when you will not learn psychics. As I said before, everyone can, but not everyone will ;). Those are just few small points, but I encourage you to read them – they can save you a lot of time and efforts.


You will not learn psychic abilities if:

  • You think “this is awesome” – you should be excited about psychic development, but not in this way – if you think that psychics is just “cool”, then stop – it’s not worth it;
  • You want to impress your friends – again, not worth it – when you will finally learn something impressing, you will already have different friends. Besides, colleagues and classmates are not worth of being impressed, and true friends won’t have to be impressed to like you – trust me;
  • You want to prove the existence of psychic abilities to scientists and the whole world – being there, tried that – as well as hundreds of people for the past few hundred years – it didn’t work ;). Those who had open mind already found the truth, the rest won’t accept it no matter what;
  • You don’t like to develop yourself in different fields – if you think personal development, zen habits or meditation sucks, then thou shall forget about psychic abilities – you can’t be in Greenpeace and throw toxic wastes into river at the same time;
  • You’re too busy – time is required to learn psychic powers and to develop yourself in different fields – if you don’t have time, you won’t make progress;
  • You don’t enjoy psychics practice – if you want only results, but you don’t like practising, then you won’t achieve anything.

Now tell me – base on the these two entries, will you learn psychic powers or not? ;)

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