You will learn psychic powers

Who can learn psychic abilities? Ask this question to someone from psychic community and he (or she) will say – everyone. Ask this question to a psychic – he will answer – everyone. Ask this question to me, and I will answer – I do not know, because the answer to this question is much more complicated than you think – you see, everyone can learn psychics, but not everyone will.


Example: we have 100 people, and I can tell you maybe one person will be able to develop psychics abilities in significant level. 19 people will be able to learn the basics, and 80 people will be sceptical ;). It’s because learning psychic abilities depend not only on how much time you’re spending on practising, but on few other things. You will learn psychics if:

  • You have passion – when you’re waking up you think about nothing more but psychic development, then this means psychic phenomena is your true passion;
  • You want to simplify your life – this will lead to finding more time for practice because you won’t be busy with irrelevant activities;
  • You enjoy practising – sitting down, making another psiball, or meditating etc. – if you’re enjoying these activities, you’re on the right path;
  • You want to develop yourself – you care about others, you want to have a great memory, you’re doing sports, you’re making love not war – you want to be a better person in every way;
  • You’re patient – if you can sit down and not moving for few minutes, this is a good sign and you can develop it further;
  • You’re not easily getting up – if you have failed, but you keep trying, then know this is an attribute of a psychic;

So, you think you will learn psychics? Wait, as in the next article I will explain why you will not learn psychic abilities.

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