How to meditate, even if this sucks

Each one of us heard this – that it’s important to meditate if you want to develop psychic abilities. And probably almost everyone said “this sucks” – I was no different because meditation sucks indeed – to some point. But let’s start from the beginning – why meditation is needed?


Why meditation is needed?

It will clear your mind :). Really, it will make you calmer, it will teach you how to focus and it will develop your concentration, also it will make you more patient and finally – it will help you relax. See, no spiritual stuff as we’re not dealing with this here. Generally, meditation will help greatly in your daily life – so…

… How to mediate?

Some will say “sit down for one hours in a lotus position and don’t think about anything, just breath”. Other will say that “you have to fire a candle and joss stick to create a proper mood”. I will say – sit down as you like (you have to feel comfortable) and close your eyes. Breath normally, and imagine something in front of your closed eyes (in the darkness) – what exactly? Something you can focus on, for example I’m imagining a nice, round violet crystal, and I stare at it – just like that. Don’t think about anything, just focus on the crystal (or other simple object) and breath – do this for fifteen minutes – voila!

And that’s it – additionally I’m listening to soundtrack from Homeworld (great, calm “weird” sounds), it’s not a meditation music, but it’s making these sessions much more pleasure so if you think meditation is boring, find some calm and peaceful music to listen.

There are different types and different techniques of meditation, but you don’t have to learn all of them, or any of them if you don’t want to, as the above technique will be enough – for the start ;). Maybe with time you will want something more than just this simple technique… Personally, I’ve started to like meditation after few sessions, you will start to like it too, just take your time. And if it’s giving you a pleasure, you can use these candles and joss sticks :).

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I only meditate when I’m stressed and need to let go of something, because I’m generally pretty focused and calm anyway… but perhaps I should try some more meditation anyway. Who knows, perhaps it will help somehow. =)


    by Waldo / October 9th 2008

  2. I agree meditation is great for you, it has an immediate effect (calmer, more focused) but it also has an accumulative effect as well, that I notice at least. Sounds like that’s along the lines of a focal meditation Tass :) When learning, may help to have an actual object to focus on (candle flame seems to work well) but is not required.

    by Jaci / April 19th 2009

  3. People tend to mention object for focus, and then I’m asking them: how the heck are you planning to focus upon object with your eyes closed? Meditation with eyes open is not a meditation at all, if you need something to focus upon, use your breath :).

    Now that’s a very late comment for a very old entry Jaci :D

    by Tassadar / April 19th 2009

  4. Oh yeah, look at the date! I didn’t realise. Ah well all good :) Better late than not at all? Maybe?
    Hmm tend to disagree in part on that one, meditation is more of a mindset rather than specifically eyes open or closed in my thoughts. In saying that, using your breath is a good way to go about it :) Eyes open, eyes closed, just different techs.

    by Jaci / April 21st 2009

  5. Closed eyes are meant to block one of your senses so your psychic mind can take over ;).

    by Tassadar / April 21st 2009