Shielding and basic psychic defence

Psychic defence is a kind of ability everyone should learn no matter of their profession or beliefs. And since it’s not difficult to learn the basics of psychic defence, I will be glad to explain it to you. What is psychic defence? Basically, it is a set of skills require for one to defend against events and things related to PSI phenomenon, that can cause harm, both mentally and physically.


What kind of things we are talking about? Concentrated fields of psychic energies, ghosts and other “energetic” entities, psychic activity of different kind e.g. poltergeist, vamp attacks (we’re talking about energetic vampires here) or energy overloads. Those are only few examples but all of them can be dangerous to human beings.

When should you learn

Psychic defence task is to protect you from such dangerous things. When you should learn it? If you’re interested in studying psychic phenomenon or in ghost hunting, then learning psychic defence is a wise choice. But you might ask: “how is it possible that I might be attacked by psychic vampire or ghost if I’m not dealing with this stuff?” – to be honest, there is much bigger chance you will die in nuclear explosion, but still – possibility remains. And because it’s so simple to learn the basics of psychic defence, then the question is “why not learning it?”

When to defend yourself

Answer is simple – every time you feel threaten, especially when you’re under attack – for more theory on recognising psychic attacks I will refer you to an article of Winged Wolf – Basic Psychic Attack Recognition and Defense, in other cases if you feel threaten it’s good idea to set up a shield. How to do this?

The psychic shield concept is pretty simple – a shield is an energy construct meant to perform a specific task, usually to shield you from outside world and different kind of mental/spiritual energies. But since shield isn’t required for normal people in their daily life, and explaining different types of shields used by psychics would take too much time, I will explain the very basic shielding method everyone can use.

Setting up the shield

It will be much easier than you think – you see, you already have a psychic shield – it’s your default defence method since the day you were born, regenerating during sleep and depleting in result of daily stress or negative emotions of people toward you. If you feel threaten, imagine you’re glowing ;). Imagine a while light surrounding you, it’s warm and it’s protecting you from the outside world. Do this for a couple of minutes, feel comfortable and safe – now you have a shield.

The concept of this shield is simple – we recognise light as something good, an attribute of higher entity some call god – angels, saints etc. they are all related to bright light – why doesn’t we like darkness? Because we don’t feel it to be safe. Make your customs and beliefs your best defence – you know light is good, so use it!

What next

After you have a psychic shield the best thing you can do is to run away – leave the area as you can’t fight something you don’t understand (you’re not alone). The good news is that psychic vampires usually leave after they learn you’re not such easy target, concentrated fields of energies stays in one place, and 90% of poltergeist activity can be “cured” with the help of psychologist.

If you’re under attack from more… difficult entity, the best choice will be to ask an egzorcist for help (not a priest, but real egzorcist), as you won’t be able to deal with this problem on your own. The good news is that you, your family, your friends and families of your friends will never encounter with such powerful paranormal activity so you don’t have to worry about this.

Now you know the very basic psychic defence method – use it when you feel you need it and remember that probably you will never have to use this knowledge “in the field” :). Hah!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I’ve found that crossing my arms and legs also reduced energy drain from vampires and the overwhelming negative aura of some people. It’s a good shield.

    by Theresa / October 4th 2008

  2. I’ve heard about such technique, yet I never had a change to test it ;), but since a lot of people I talked to mention about it, then it’s definitely worth of interest. So, if you feel threaten – cross your legs and arms ;).

    It might be also a proof for relations between psionic energies, and physical world (at least our bodies). Than you Theresa for pointing me to this matter as I forgot about it ;)

    by Thion / October 5th 2008

  3. I first ran into crossing arms and legs while looking into body language and blocks to listening. Then, I found it also to be a psychic protective measure to prevent the drain of psychic energy. Most people that are vampiric in nature don’t realize it, but I use the drain as an indication of possible emotional or personality disorders, being aware of the fine psychic energy as I am. When helping others, I have to remain ‘open’ so I use your block technique too – after I find myself crossing my arms and legs protectively.

    Here’s something else to think about: My grandfather came from Warsaw, left during WWII to come to America to work for EJ Shoes in New York.

    by Theresa / October 5th 2008

  4. Personally, I can’t remain “open” – I’m an empath, therefore I have to stick with a little more advanced psionic shielding as basic psychic defense is no good for me. People who aren’t “PSI-sensitive” would be surprised knowing what kind of things is flowing around ;).

    by Thion / October 5th 2008

  5. As a Psychic Vampire myself may i just say that we tried to live in peace and harmony with others . Sticking to donors or feeding off crowds so we didn’t hurt anyone . Yet we are treated with fear , worse than animals . Ordinary people eat animals and plants without a second thought of what they may feel . At least Psychic Vampires do not kill their food . I mean you no ill will or harm , but just to say that there is a new breed of us that are angry at this ignorance . Shields wouldn’t work as they are made of energy and Psychic Vampires feed off energy . See the flaw there . You don’t need to be worried though as there is about to be a war between the ‘Traditionals’ and the ‘New Breed’ of psychic vampire . You do seem to have a good grasp of energy dynamics and i can appreciate that . I thank you for the oppertunity to speak . Best Wishes!.

    by Stormblue / October 13th 2008

  6. Welcome to my little blog, Stormblue. You know how it is – people are afraid of things they don’t understand. Personally, I never had a chance to talk with psi-vamp face to face. And remember, that even if they’re killing, humans don’t like to be kill – if you know what I mean – it’s all about mentality.

    As for shields, good point ;). Theoretically energy can be programmed to do anything you want, so it could be programmed to keep the energy inside, and to keep itself even under “heavy drain” – theoretically :P. So when one is programming his shield to keep the energy inside of the shield, then psi-vamp can simple drain the shield itself without worrying about energy under it. Hmm, theoretical psionics is like theoretical physics – more fun when it’s theoretical :P

    So even if shield isn’t very useful for psi-vamps, it’s still useful for many different things. Uff…

    by Tassadar Thion / October 14th 2008

  7. Thank you for your answer . Well if you want to ask questions then please feel free , but i get the feeling that you are advanced in matters of Psi :-) . Yes you are correct that a Psi Sheild can be programmed . It is indeed possible for you to add layers creating an outer sheild which a Psychic Vampire could feed off , thereby keeping the inner core safe and protected . Even programming the outer sheild with tainted off balance frequencies so as to give the Psychic Vampire an energetic headache or minor sickness . But most Psychic Vampires will NEVER venture past the outer sheild anyway (Even if there are ways around it :-)) . Besides at the moment we are too busy with each other and trying to clear out the old ways for a new wave . This could be a Theoretical War that will last for a long time . So humanity is safe :-) . Though other Psychic Vampires may not have that luxury . Better to be human these days . I have enjoyed the conversation and will drop by from time to time . Best wishes!.

    by Stormblue / October 16th 2008