“Outsourcing” and your own psychic energy

If you have read few “how-to” articles regarding psychic abilities, I’m sure you are familiar with “draw energy from your favourite source” kind of things. Going deeper into world of psychics, you will find out that some people are drawing energy from outside sources (outsourcing), and some are using only their own energy (insourcing). What the heck?


Some theory

This is directly related to a theory that psychic energy is a by-product of a nervous systems of living beings – this means your nervous system is producing psychic energy, and the more nervous activity, the more psychic energy is being produced – therefore intensive brainstorming, intensive focus on some task, mental activities, listening to stimulating music and sports activities will cause more psychic energy to be produced.

This is leading us forward – if you’re producing psychic energy, you have to store it somewhere – more energy equals more storage room require to store it (energy system capacity). More than that, the more energy you can store, the more energy you can manipulate, which lead to development of energy channels (elements of energy system). This has great influence on general psychicic development.

Psi Currents Theory

Psi Currents Theory if very “fresh” – it says (basically) that psychic energy is flowing around, sometimes there is more of it in some places, sometimes there’s none in other places :). This lead us to psychic activities – we all know psychc energy is a fuel for abilities – if you don’t have fuel (or you don’t have enough of it), your abilities won’t work. So if it happens you will find yourself in a place sucked-out of PSI, you might not be able to use any kind of psychic abilities.

Where is this leading us? Well, to using our own energy. I’ve noticed I have much better results when working with energy produced by my energy system, instead of using energy from the outside sources. What are the pros? First, you won’t have to depend on psychic energy flowing around. Second – you will develop your energy system faster than people who “outsource”, this will lead to learn psychic abilities faster – in theory :).

What are cons? To be honest, I haven’t found them – yet, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I encourage everyone to experiment with your own energy and post your results in comments.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I do have a question. So from what i've read from your site so far is that psionic energies are produced by stimulationg the chakras which are like the psychic organs of our bodies. And from this article that the nervous system is the physical place where the energy is being associated with. So if their is a physical and an ,well psychic place where the energy is coming from, they have to like intersect somewhere, correct? And if physical means can affect psionic potential, would adrenaline have affect on the psychic potential of sensitives?

    by Kurt / February 19th 2010

  2. Well, belief that psionic energy is generated by our body is a little outdated and requires some updates, but your thoughts are correct – energy is gathered within energy storage centres and controlled by chakras, and it interact directly with physical body – therefore, changes in physical state of the body are reflected in psionic energy – its frequency, density and other things like that :). So yes, adrenaline should have affect on the psychic skills.

    by Mastergreed / February 20th 2010