Setting goals in psychic development

Setting goals if you think to learn psychic abilities is very important, but a lot of people is forgetting about this – goals are motivating us for practice, and they’re a way of defining our development (“am I better than two months ago?”). While learning psychokinesis is a goal, you have to understand it’s not a good goal.


Learning a skill isn’t a goal you should set up for yourself – because how can you define when you’ve learned it? Will it be moment when you can repeat something from time to time? Or will it be the moment when you can lift a train? ;) In the first case, I’ve learned everything that is possible to learn – in a way ;), but I can’t say I have learned things as I want to learn them – because I don’t know the point I want to reach in developing skills, I’m just walking forward and in few years I will see where I’m standing.

Set simple, specific goals

Of course, you can set simple goals, such as learning how to move a psiwheel, or bending a spoon – such goals are useful, because they’re leading you somewhere. But “I want to learn psychokinesis” is too general, and therefore it shouldn’t be used as a goal. You have to be more specific, because only specific goals can be achieved and can be a great motivation.

Learn how to bend a spoon, learn how to sense charged cards, learn how read an item via psychotronic means – those are only few examples of simple goals you can set up for yourself.

Bigger goals

Where you want to be in 10 years from now? What do you want to achieve? I want to spend next 10 years on developing myself (I want to develop psychic abilities, knowledge about paranormal and esoteric, I want to train my memory and learn Aikido, and much more), and building my financial background so after 10 years I will be able to focus only on paranormal investigations and teaching. And I want to use my experience and money to create world-wide organisation of paranormal investigators ;).

Those are big, long-range goals – it’s important to set them, because thanks to them you know where you’re heading, you know what you really want to do in your life.

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