How to make a psiball

As long as I’m developing in the field of psychic abilities, I have never found any practical use for basic psiballs. But let’s start from the beginning – what is a psiball? Definitely it’s not a philosophical question is it? Generally a psiball is a ball of energy. It has to be a ball. If it was a cube, then it wouldn’t be psiball, it’d be a psicube – get it? Hah!


So now you know what a psiball is – it wasn’t too hard, was it? Now what is “basic psiball”? In my opinion basic psiball is psi energy programmed to form the shape of a ball. The energy is programmed since you’re “programming” energy just by thinking about it – you cant “not-program” energy. So basically energy programmed to the shape of a ball really has no practical use. It will become more useful however once you add further programming. Still a basic psiball is a great way to practice the basics of energy manipulation and can be also used for “energy warm-up” (When you’re going to practice some other skill, it can be good to make a small basic psiball first).

Three things to remember – ball is a ball, you are programming and a basic psiball sucks. I know, there’s nothing interesting in making a psiball, but hey – no one said psychic development was going to be easy, right? Whatever you’re going to learn, there will be cool things as well as some things you might hate – it’s normal, you just need to accept it and move on. Still a psiball is one of the most basic of all basics skills you have to learn before proceeding forward.

So actually, how to create a psiball?

Making a psiball isn’t very difficult – that’s why it’s basic skill. You might not feel anything for a few days, or maybe for a couple of weeks. Psionic energy is subtle, it can take time to learn what to look for, but eventually you will learn. I know how it sounds, I felt the same way as you do when I was starting out, but finally I’ve learned what I know now – it will happen to you as well.

Ok, let’s get to business: there are three primary steps – choose a source, draw energy, shape it – voila :). Umm… OK, voila is fourth step, but you get the point. Let’s take a closer look at each of our steps.

Choose a source

Source of energy – some people like sun, some moon, others prefer earth. But wait a minute, energy is everywhere, right? Hah, you got the point. Source of psychicic energy is a metaphor – you’re choosing the source you like the most – because the point is to like the source you’re drawing energy from. The source is a way to tell your subconscious mind “there is a lot of psychicic energy there, and I’m drawing it”. If you like earth because it’s huge and round (umm… this site should be 18+) then choose it.

Draw energy

Drawing energy is simple, most people use visualization to draw the energy. Visualization can be used to assist you with drawing energy. By visualising energy as you think it looks like, you are telling your mind “hey, this is psychicic energy, it’s moving from here to over there”. You can use whatever visualization you like to represent energy (eg: mist, fire, light, water etc).


Shaping is also simple – all you have to do is to visualize and direct the energy to form a ball – that’s all ;). It can be large or small – personally I prefer to create a bigger ball and then use visualization to make it smaller and denser. It seems easier for a lot of people to do so.

Timing, flaring and common problems

How long should the creation process should take one will ask? Well, there’s no rule for that – usually it should take from 5 to 15 minutes – I see no point of shorter or longer procedure. Take as long as you need, take your time – the psiball isn’t going anywhere, right?

A lot of people expect they’ll see their psiball. Visible psiballs are created by a technique known as flaring. I have to disappoint you, ain’t going to happen – or at least in 99% of cases. If it does, it might be visible as something like a weak mist – or maybe there’s something I don’t know ;). So the point is not to see the psiball, but to feel it. Finally a common problem: some people say they don’t feel anything – then say they practiced for five minutes in total. Well, here’s the problem – it can take time to develop enough sensitivity to feel psi so don’t worry if you won’t feel anything at first. It’s not a race, so take your time/

The Technique

You have learned the very basic, basics of creating a psiball – now you have to develop your own technique – this means mixing different energy manipulation techniques, different sources, and different visualization methods to create the method that works best for you. It might take time, but with each practice session you will be closer to creating your own, private technique – that’s what is beautiful in psychics practice – we are all different, we are all individuals with our own techniques…

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. grrr Ithink it is COMPLETLY possible to flare a psi ball all you need 2 do is think of it being visible and having all your scences with it you need to smell it, hear it, feel it and taste it ( bit ott ) correct me if i have been mislead

    by chunky monkey / October 20th 2009

  2. I can flare a construct “completely.”

    by Stolide Demens / October 21st 2009

  3. Who cares about flaring constucts if you can so many other cool things with psionic energies :D

    by Nathan / October 22nd 2009

  4. what is flaring….i keep hearing that this will make a psi ball visible but i dunno how to do it…help plz!!!!!!!!!

    by double dee / December 29th 2009

  5. In short, flaring is making a flare :). And as you said, it’s making energy constructs such as psiball visible. To be honest, I do not know how to perform this and I have a strange feeling no one really can help you here. But you might look around Shifted Perspectives or old archived forums, maybe someone there will be able to help you out.

    by Nathan / December 30th 2009

  6. so how can you possibly flare it DEMENS?i have never done it but i believe it can be.

    by angel / March 22nd 2010

  7. @Angel

    One of the common techniques is to keep adding energy to the psiball we’re creating while sitting in a dark room. The eyes cannot see much, so the third eye is forced to wake up and see the energy. Try it, maybe it will give you some results?

    by Nathaniel / March 22nd 2010