How to use a pendulum

Pendulum – a tool, and a verb – “pendling” – are two things every psychic practitioner should know about, but most psychics don’t know anything about pendulums, and mostly often think that this tool is related to spirituality, contacting with spirits or is an attribute of an old retired lady trying to prove paranormal skills in front of her friends ;).


This is a mistake, as pendulum can be used in many different ways, not necessary related to spirituality or even psychic abilities. To show you different uses of pendulum and show you have easily you can build your own tool, those are main reasons why I’m writing this article. Personally I have first encountered a pendulum about 4 years ago when I was beginning my adventure with psychic development. After trying to use it few times, I forgot about it, just to use it few times a year during many occasions, and finally to make it an important element of my psychic development few months ago. Therefore I can’t say I’m very experienced – surely I won’t teach you how to communicate with spirits using a pendulum, but I will give you tips and advices as for basic use of this great tool – as even this is very exciting.

A little bit of theory

What is a pendulum? Let’s take a look into Wikipedia once again:

A pendulum is a mass that is attached to a pivot, from which it can swing freely.

So simple, isn’t it? Attach something to a string and there you go – you have a pendulum. How does it work? It swing – just like that. Different types of swings represents different things, for example a rotary motion from left to the right might means “yes” or “positive” – this is primary use of pendulums, to give this simple answer “yes” or “no”. Some people say those might be spirits trying to communicate via swings of the pendulum, while other people believes every move of a pendulum is caused by subtle cramps of muscles, which are caused by our subconscious – therefore pendulum is a way of communicating with subconscious. Finally some people think this might be psychokinesis – I won’t describe it further, let’s just say I believe in second possibility.

Using a pendulum

Before we start using a pendulum, we have to get it first – you can buy it, or build it on your own – there’s no difference. Actually, if someone will tell you someday that you need to buy a professional pendulum, as otherwise it won’t work, he will be lying or he won’t know what he’s talking about. There is a tradition that woman’s use their wedding rings suspended on one of their hairs to pendle the sex of their unborn baby. A wedding ring, a piece of a mineral, personally I’m using an old fuse painted black and it’s working :). Of course if you have a lot of money you can buy a pendulum, as it’s all about object hanging in the air.

Now you have a pendulum in your hand – make sure you rest your arm on a table or chair or whatever, it will keep your hand steady which is very important. Hold the string between your thumb and index finger – of course you can hold it differently if you like, but this is basic “hold”. Now “ask” the pendulum to show you what swing will represent “yes”, and what swing will be for “no” – no matter what you believe in, it will work – if you think this is your spirit guide moving it, then you’re right, and if you think it’s your subconscious, then you’re also right :).

Cards exercise

Now you know swings for both “yes” and “no”, so we can use this knowledge for some fun. Take a cards deck (usually 52 cards), shuffle them and pick up random three (3) cards, don’t look at all of them, just pick up one and remember it, then put it back into your three-cards minideck and shuffle all three cards again. Put them on desk (suits on the bottom) and pick up your pendulum.

Ask a question: “does the first card from the right is my card”, but instead of “my card” name your card (e.g. ace of spades), close your eyes and relax, keep the question in your mind. After few seconds open your eyes and take a look at the swing of your pendulum – if it’s not moving, close your eyes again, relax and think about the question for few more seconds. Finally you will get the answer – if your pendulum show you “no”, then ask the same question about the card in the middle – if it’s still not this card, then it must be third one :).

You have to learn to trust the movements of your pendulum – if it’s moving, then it’s moving correctly. Keep practising this and you will find your results interesting.

Communication or psychokinesis?

I’ve noticed I have better results when I’m focusing on which direction my pendulum should swing, and I’ve also noticed I can easily change its direction – still, this might be caused by subtle cramps of muscles controlled by my subconscious – I don’t know. What I know is that I like pendulum because it’s giving almost instant results. You can pick it up, ask a question and get the answer – more practice equals more accuracy.

Pendulum can be used also as a focusing tool – just focus on your pendulum swinging – you might be surprised by the results. This is making a pendulum not just a tool for psychics, but also a tool for normal people who need some help for concentration. Final question – do you need a pendulum if you want to practice psychics? Definitely no, but it’s a great addition to your development.

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  1. I used to use one of these things when I was a kid. I didn’t really know what I was doing though, and I’m pretty sure my results were skewed – I’d ask a question, get an answer and check it, and there didn’t seem to be any correlation. Perhaps I need more practice, as it’s such an easy skill to pick up (well, that’s how it seems anyway). =)


    by Waldo / September 24th 2008